And just like that they’re gone.

Dub and Zu have gone. Sob. Too fast, it went too fast! Ten days seemed like a good lengthy visit but it wasn’t. It was a blink of an eye and it went too fast. Did I say that yet? Too fast.

The boys were precious. They were best buds from moment on and inseperable. Oh yeah, we had our two year old issues. Isaiah isn’t a fan of sharing his cars, Max isn’t a big believer that others should play his drums. My favorite confrontation was a long discussion at the dinner table over which they disagreed on who coughed.

I cough.

No, I cough.

No, I cough.


The word adorable isn’t adorable enough to cover how adorable it was. Oh we had fun! We shopped. We wrapped presents. We played many games of who wants fruit snacks. We cruised around DC, we enjoyed Jam Sessions by The Blues Brothers:

We got our hair cut like big boys without tears. It’s easier when you do it together.

And then we died from cute:

I can’t believe they had to leave and now I have to go back to real life. Sob.

Thank God there’s still Christmas fudge in the house. {thanks Mom}

Well, there go those resolutions already!

4 thoughts on “And just like that they’re gone.

  1. I got drunk and ate two boxes of prawns (jumbo shrimp) in filo… ten in each box… with sweet chili sauce at two in the morning and now am hung over while feeling like a beached whale. Fudge it up, baby. Fudge it up.

  2. Holiday eating doesn’t count. Same goes for leftover holiday treats…they don’t count…well in my world anyways *wiping sugar cookie crumbs off of chin πŸ˜‰

  3. The boys are adorable!! And I think I need to find a BFF for Jacob. Not only for playing and awesome memory making, but for hair cut dates. You’d have thought we were killing him last week when we took him for his hair cut. Eeks! And while I told myself the holiday eating didn’t count, I feel it now. And it doesn’t feel great. But man, I could sure use some fudge right now!

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