There are a few things about me…obsessions perhaps? I just say it’s my innate Virgo-ness, and I get to keep that thankyouverymuch since the whole suddenly I would be a Libra-ness is relagated to those born post 2009 and while I may shave a year or two off the old birthday candle count, not even I think I could pull of being born in 2009! Espesh since ye old Boss man was born in 2008.

Anyway, I have to make the bed. Right away. Every morning. Doesn’t matter what shape the rest of the pad is in I cannot relax, concentrate or breathe until the bed is made. I am not in control of a great many things here at the American Dream (what with my mother in law being the woman of the house, which is rightly as it should be) but my bed? I CONTROL YOU, BED! I mean, I do control it as long as the Great Catsby or Puppy Bear are no wheres to be found. Why do I get pushed to the very edge of a king sized bed to accomodate a combined 13 pounds of animal? And also, when will they learn to let me finish making the bed before they settle in for a long winters/spring/summer/tuesday nap? Sigh, life would be easier if they would just WAIT.

Also, obsessed with tiny chairs. Small people chairs. Boss sized chairs. I only have one Boss thus far, with a new one (assistant manager perhaps?) on the imminenet, but the idea of tiny chairs all about thrills me. I buy them at thrift stores and TOTT makes me get rid of them because:

a. we don’t have that many tiny people to need chairs


I have to contend that he is correct on the second point. Point b, as it were. Alas, that stops me not from staring at this picture and thinking “someday…SOMEDAY!”

{if anyone knows the photo source for this, please let me know! I saved it ages ago, pre-blogging}

Don’t you love? Or maybe you don’t. But I do. I mean I lurve-love the wee little chairs and the idea of many chubby bebes racing about. Of course, they need not all Β be mine, since I don’t think I can handle another first trimester.

{I think this is from House of Turquoise}

I am full on in the mode of nesting now. Which is most inconvenient as perhaps I may have mentioned that we have no nest of our own for me to feather. And though my darling mother in law has said many time I can paint or decorate anything I like here, let’s be honest that’s not a good plan. Y’know since it’s her house and all and should reflect her not me. Harumph. And so I obsess and ruthlessly steal moments of time on teh internetz saving a billionty pictures of inspiration room and again, not saving where they are from.

i SUCK cause these people? Are just real peeps and they design and create the most amazing stuff.

And thus it makes perfect sense that I clearly need to learn to crochet. Duh. So post nap the Boss and I are heading out for supplies. Because I WILL make a blankie for new baby, and one for The Boss.

Whether he wants it or not.

I also resolve to save pictures with links, y’know so I am not a design criminal. I’m not cut out for a life of crime and I really don’t look good in prison gray or prison lighting, for that matter!

13 thoughts on “Obsessions.

  1. My mum has little chairs like the ones in the first picture and, well, with both of her kids in their twenties and living on the other side of the world, I’m not entirely sure how much use she gets out of them. I suspect she just keeps them because they’re cute.

  2. those little chairs are to die for. so freakin’ CUTE!

    I think my little guy needs more little chairs. The way he backs into them to sit, makes my heart burst from the cuteness

  3. I love the picture with the little green chairs (my favorite color) and white couch and I love your blogs!

    Love you, Beth

  4. I have the making-the-bed obsession also. I blame it on time spent living in an LA studio. I didn’t want half of my whole house to be a wreck when I had guests over. πŸ™‚

    Oh how I have missed YOU!

  5. I am terrible at saving picture sources too. It’s just too easy to right click and save! But I have started using springpadit which saves the whole page for me to go back to with keywords of my choice. Maybe that will help so you don’t end up in the clink! πŸ˜‰

  6. I love the little green chairs! I also have an obsession with kids rooms and furniture. My favorite site is Pottery Barn Kids. I fantasize that some day I’ll be able to decorate my kids rooms with all their furniture πŸ™‚

  7. ohhh, someday I’ll have to send you all my little chairs… my kiddos are 10, 15, and 18, and the baby chairs are all still sitting here in my living room, not being used (except for when my 10 year old decides to build a fort- out of ALL the furniture.) I bet you could totally come up with something cute to do with them.

    And props to you for living with the in-laws! I’ve often wondered how you do that. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Do you have to clean house? Make dinner? How to you occupy yourself and your child in someone else’s space? Do you have awkward parenting moments? Inquiring minds want to know! My MIL lived with us for a couple of months and it was AWK.WARD! She wanted to be queen of this castle, and part of that was insisting on doing my laundry. I don’t know about you, but my mom doing my laundry- totally ok. My mother in law? Not so much. I’d even change where I put my hamper trying to hide it from her, but she’d go search it out. Nothing like having your MIL cleaning your dirty undies! And having her witness a child “tantruming” and a mommy losing it was not so great either. Talk about pressure!

    As awesome as your in-laws surely are, I’m sure it’ll be super awesome delicious to have your own place. So, yeah, as a house warming gift when you do get your own space- we should all send you little tiny toddler chairs to decorate as you wish!

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