accidents happen and randomness.

I accidentally dyed my hair red.

A week ago Tuesday TOTT took me to the ballet at the Kennedy Center and it made my toes hurt because they can’t help but point the whole time and I believe I once kicked the chair of the woman in front of me during a particularly impressive jump one of the dancers performed.

Sorry lady.

I can’t help it! I still dream that that could be me, even though hello? It cannot. I spent many hours after school in junior high at Boulder Ballet Ensemble practicing and dreaming. Well, really more dreaming than practicing since I was not too big on actual work and commitment as a young teen. Can someone tell that to my toes? {none of which were broken at that moment} Toes! You do not belong to an actual ballerina! You haven’t been on pointe in ages! Also you are wearing boots and are almost 5 months pregnant! So stop pointing, and longing to dance. So I says to TOTT during one of the intermissions “TOTT” says I, “once this bambini arrives I shall take  ballet class!” And TOTT smiles ever so sweetly and then says”Absolutely baby!” and then my thighs rubbed against one another as I crossed my now sausage legs and all those old body issue reared up and said BALLET THIGHS! And so I says to TOTT “TOTT, let’s start going to the gym” and TOTT says “Absolutely!” {And when I fell down the stairs TOTT says “you really want to get out of going to the gym don’t you!” and I said ” I swear I want to go! Do you know I won’t be able to wear cute shoes for ages now?” and then I silently thanked God that it is ten below and it’s the season of the Ugg boot and asked God for a quick healing toe and an early spring…and cute shoes. My testimony of shoes is strong.}

But my hair…I dyed it. Red. Accidentally. Well, auburn-y. And no one noticed. No one. So, I guess it’s not all that different than before but I sure thought so. And it was in my “no one notices me I’m so shlubby and pregnant and invisible and can’t fit into anything and will surely never look cute again or wear cute strappy sandals” funk that I finally threw in the towel and gave up on the ellusive center part I had been attempting. I guess it’s side part or nothing for this gal. I did manage to stop myself from cutting bangs. Barely.

Even Baby Boy #2 says NO MOMMY NO BANGS!

And lastly, and possibly most importantly…my quest for red lipstick that won’t turn hot pink on my big ol’ lips continues. Loreal FAIL! I want RED lips. Not hot pink. So very frustrating! Anyone have a great reccomendation, because a good red lipstick is a thing of beauty and power.

10 thoughts on “accidents happen and randomness.

  1. A small part of me longs to be a redhead… but then I started to come besties with a redhead and worried she’d think I was going all “Single White Female” on her – that being said I hate when people don’t notice my hair color changing. I also can’t rock a center part and feel comfortable. You are not alone girl! ox

  2. I do LURVE my red hair, however….red fades faster than ANYTHING. Everytime I get it done, everyone freaks out and loves it and asks if this is the first time I’ve done it, because when it’s brand new, it’s practically brown it’s so dark. But, whatever.

    Point is, you are ADORABLE, no matter what.

    And, did I already know you were having another boy? Oh yeah, the fall told you taht. Ok, well, the world could definitely use more of YOUR boy offspring, for they are ridiculously adorable! BUT, I’m all for you trying one more time for that girl, ’cause they are fun too.

    Thanks for all your comments today, SO fun to hear from you. And girl, you don’t have to tell me I’m in for it with maggie. She stresses me out unbelievablly. There is just SO MUCH sass encased in her midgey little body. I just hope that someday she’ll actually perform for anyone other than us.
    I’m totally dying to do this room redo, just need to find the money to do it. And now Jere is telling me it’s a waste, because we probably have to move in August, but I still really want to do it anyway, just so I can DO SOMETHING! You know what I’m saying?

    Ok, sorry I have to answer your comments to me on YOUR comments. BUT, you refuse to attach your e-mail to your name, so thus it goes. Just sayin.

  3. EVERY color of lipstick turns pink on me! Hot pink! My mary kay friend said it’s because my lips are more alkaline than basic. Chemistry 101. Huh.

    SO, I’ve been able to use a metallic (bronze/gold) lip liner on the whole thing, then a gold color lipstick (I know, it’s CRAZY!) and THEN put a color on and the color will hold. Not exactly easy, but it works.

  4. I had my hair done before Christmas and I had bangs cut…and I LOVE them!!! LOVE. It just sucks that they grow in so fast and I don’t trust myself to cut them…actually I don’t trust myself with any sharp objects near my face….you don’t even want to see me do my own eyebrows.

  5. I have always been totally jealous of you fair-skninned white ladies who can dye your hair red because I have always wanted Julianne Moore type locks. But it just won’t work. I’m thinking that Eva Longoria & I have some similar skin tones and I might be able to pull off something like her dark red do but I dunno. I just lurves me so red hair. Post pictures AND you must post pictures of the bump.

    *I too have always wanted to be a ballerina, but the DDD boobs at 13 kind of prevented that. Sigh.

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