S’now more snow, I’m begging!

First off let me just tell you that wearing an elegant open toe orthopedic shoe in a snowstorm sucks more than being forced to watch Dinner for Schmucks on repeat for 24 hours. So then, what does one do when there is a huge snow storm of fabulous sledding and snowman building snow and one has a two year old who cannot.wait.to.get.out.there.and.play? Well if one is like me, one industrial strength wraps ones broken tootsies and crams them into an appropriately named UGG boot and heads out with your Love Bug anyway! Darn you broken toe I will not miss my baby playing in the snow!

And that’s just what I did. It was so worth it! Last year he was a mite bit too little to enjoy the big snows but this year he loved it! Next year will be even more fun. He pounced, he fell, he laughed, he had a grand time taking a tour of the neighborhood in the sled while TOTT patiently pulled like an ox. 35 pounds of toddler can get pretty heavy in the snow!

Me? I hobbled behind enjoying the giggles that floated by on the cold wind and snapping pictures are quickly as I could trying to memorize it all. To us the snow is a big ol pain in the booty, but to the Boss? it is magic!

We even the wild Arctic Puppy Bear frolic for a bit, until his fragile little paws said let me inside in front of the fire and give me a chewie!

Thusly my toes have turned such a beautiful color of plum that I have half a mind to take them down to Home Depot and ask them to color match it. It would be a great color for an accent table. I never really fancy purple, but  this shade of plum should really be preserved. It’s gorgeous! (and painful)

8 thoughts on “S’now more snow, I’m begging!

  1. It was beautiful how the trees stayed coated with snow for days! And I really enjoyed sending the kiddos out to play in the snow with their father! (since I shoveled the driveway) But please, for the love of God, let there be preschool tomorrow! 😉

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