Beautiful boy.

We’ve reached the stage of boo boos and kisses to make them better. Incredible dramatic boo boos (no idea where he gets the drama from…) to small little knee boo boos. They all must be kissed.  I am more than happy to oblige, because as you know, munching on The Boss is my numero uno most favoritist activity of all time. I am soaking up the time where a tiny kiss and an ‘all better’ from Mommy can indeed make it all better.

Fingers in particular need to be kissed often. I don’t know if you know this but toddler boy fingers get bumped and squished a lot! Especially when said toddler is always banging on the drumset or attempting to get the big Fender guitar down all my his tiny self. Yes, fingers are frequently kissed better around these parts. I must admit that from the moment this baby was born I’ve had a certain obsession with his little hands. They are magical. I just crazy love those tiny hands.  This weekend he ran to me, fat tears rolling down his even fatter cheeks, holding out his little hand to me and whimpering. Without a thought I said the magic words and kisses those sweet little sausage fingers for all they were worth.

As I did a certain smell reached up from those precious pink hands and wafted to my nose. ummm, eww! I wrinkled my nose and pulled his hand back from my mouth.  He said quietly and with a voice full of emotion

“Mommy I got poop on my hand. Need to wash it.”

Note to self~ check whether toddler fingers need to be kissed or washed from here on out.

As we washed his hands and I gargled with twently gallons of listerine we discussed how we don’t put our hands down our pants. I’m well aware that this is a losing battle as he is ALL BOY. But a Mommy’s gotta try right?

And barring that, sniff before kissing. Actually I should needle point that on a sampler. Sniff before kissing.

Yes, I lived the Baby Mama scene “is that poop or chocolate?”

It wasn’t chocolate.

Oogle me? No! OOGLE YOU!

Listen up my lovelies!

As I’ve said I am never going to be a big review blogger or a big giveaway blogger….buuuuuuuuuut when Maya contacted me from Maya’s Eye Photography about doing some maternity shots and a giveaway shoot for my lovely readers? Well you know this {self admitted} camera whore said hell to the yeah!

So here’s the deal, while being a {self admitted} camera whore, since having The Boss I have to confess that I rarely like pictures of myself. But Maya honestly managed to take pictures of me that I not only don’t hate? I LOVE!

Maya was fun and funny and managed to make me feel less like a giant ball of baby and more like I was hanging out with a good girlfriend having a great time – that is to say she made me feel very comfortable and I wasn’t self concious at all! She is easy to work with…trust me on this. Having had a bajillion headshots taken over the years I know a good photographer is like a good doctor, they need great technical/artistic skill and also a great ‘bedside manner’.

Maya has them both. She’s quick and while she does set up shots, she also knows when to just grab her camera and shoot before she misses something great:

We shot in our {well, my in-laws} home, but Maya has a studio as well that she usually shoots in I’d love to see what she could do with The Boss in a studio setting!

She even grabbed TOTT and The Boss for a family shot:

She does it all, not just maternity shots. She is a whiz of newborn and children’s photos (Dear Maya, please come back again June for swoonworthy shots of The Boss with Baby2ElectricBooglaloo. Please), family shots, weddings, her manner makes you just relax and have a great time.

The Boss? Fell in love for ‘Miss Maya’ true story.

Now here’s where you get to be the model! If you live in the MD/NOVA/DC area (cause duh!) PLEASE enter to win a shoot with the lovely and talented Maya at her studio! She’ll include a free 5×7 and a free 8×10 and 2 free downloads of your choice. That’s huge guys. (plus she said she might be persuaded to provide low res watermarked extras for Facebook and such. So sweet talk her, people!)

Should you not win the giveaway, Maya has generously offered you, my lovely readers a $75 discount off her session fee if you shoot in April or May AND 40% off a storyboard or canvas from your shoot. People, you KNOW I love photos on canvas. I swoon. Make sure you mention MINKY when you book!

{I want this on canvas}

The rules are the usual here in blogland. All you have to do is visit Maya’s site to see her gorgeous portfolio and her blog out then come back and tell me whether you’d want a kid shoot (my favorite cause kids….always awesome), family,  or maternity! *** Extra entries for following this here blog, liking Maya on FACEBOOK following me on the twitter following the lovely MAYA on Twitter. Yet another extra entry for tweeting something like “I want to win this fabulous photoshoot by @MayasEyePhoto from @MinkyMoo” (You can tweet that once a day until Monday!) Please leave a separate comment for each entry. The giveaway will go till MONDAY (Sunday @ midnight) when I will attempt to figure out in order to pick a winner! (now if I can’t figure that out, which is quite possible) then I’ll be numbering bits of paper to match comments and letting The Boss pick one!

It’s very high tech, y’all.

p.s. I know the timing on this is high-larious given yesterdays post.

If you’re wondering who is reading…

{this picture makes me happy all the way down to my toes}

If you’re wondering who is reading your blog, I am.

There’s so much talk about Search Engine Optimization and becoming an A-list blogger, making money blogging and “are bloggers really writers”? All of those conversations are important and  I don’t disagree with any of that, oh trust me I am SO grateful that I learned about SEO! However, I am saddened that in the last couple of months several of my favorite blogs have become, well, commercials. I miss reading about these bloggers lives. Oh yes, they did giveaways every once in a while and had ads and sponsored content from time to time. I begrudge no one the opportunity to make money for their family. But by and large what drove people to these blogs in the first place was the blogger, the bloggers families, their activities, their lives.

Now if we’re lucky we get a thinly disguised post about a trip somewhere to do something with surprise! a disclaimer at the bottom saying they were gifted this for review or something like that.  I miss those bloggers.

I miss what was so lovely about blogging in the first place. I miss YOU. Blogging made the world a smaller place for me. It opened up worlds that I had no way to experience before. Homeschooling, conservative families, uber liberal families, families living abroad, families living with children who have special needs.

Perhaps I’m a little nutty (oh, shut it you!) but I feel grateful for having these windows into other worlds. I feel like I know these people- as much as you can know someone on the ol interwebz. When those blogs close down, or suddenly ONLY become giveaways and sponsored posts, well, I miss them. I guess I’m kind of an Internet Peeping Tom, except I’m only looking at what you’re putting out there on the web. No stalking or searching for this gal.

So if you’re a little blog that can (like me!) just writing about life, what you think about what’s happening in the world, about your kids birthday party, health, shopping, crafting etc. and you feel lost in this big old competitive blog world, know that there is an audience out there for you.

It’s me.

I want to see how you decorated your house. I want to know how the cake you baked for your husband’s birthday turned out, and that bathroom re-d0? I am anxiously awaiting those pictures thankyouverymuch.

The Boss and I have been sick this week, again. It feels as if our whole household has been sick since September. Enough with the sick! And while I am fighting a toddler who will not let me on a computer during the day and a pregnancy exhaustion that knocks me out, I am reading. I try to visit everyone who visits me here. If I’ve missed you please let me know. I’m usually reading on the iPhone which is such a drag for commenting….but that’s the way it is. I say to The Boss “mommy’s going to do a little bit of work” (which is total code for hey! mommy wants to read some blogs!)  and The Boss says “I’m going to do a little bit of work too!” and hops right on my lap instructing me to put on Sir Paw Tawney in concert. So, yeah. That’s how the computer thing is working around these parts!

My daily bookmarked blog list is long, and I sneak peaks throughout the day, turning the iPhone this way and that to get a better look at your pictures, to drink in your words. I hope that blogging keeps this element and protects it. The element of the person behind the blog. I read your blog because I like YOU.

And since I like YOU specifically if and when you do reccommend a product or something, I listen. (Heck, my very first giveaway starts tomorrow!) So again, if you get an opportunity to take your kids somewhere fun in exchange for a blog post….do it! (p.s. the Laurie Berkner concert was awesome!) I’m with ya.

But be true to you and I’ll be true to myself and together our little blogs that can, will.



phooey on foursquare.

Foursquare? I quit you. I’m the opposite of Brokeback Mountain “I don’t know how to quit you.”


You think you deserve an explanation as to why? Besides the whole I don’t really ever go anywhere and I don’t really get it…but that’s not why.


10:14 Stephanie checked in at Target.

10:14- 3 seconds Text from TOTT:  DON’T SPEND ANY MONEY.

Busted by foursquare.

I quit.

Just when you want to hold them closer…

Just when you want to hold them closer they go and grow up a bit.

I watched the tragedy in Japan unfold just as everyone else did. With my mouth agape in disbelief and tears snaking their way down my cheeks. How is this possible, how can this happen? How do we even begin to process this? I’m pathetically grateful that right at this moment my sweet boy is too small to understand at all. Friday night he asked to sleep in Mommy’s bed, just as he did every night. This night I said yes. Oh yes, baby please sleep with Mommy! I usually say no, because- how to say this- but The Boss? Doesn’t sleep with me. He wiggles and bounces and happily giggles holding my face in his chubby hands saying “I’m in Mommy’s room!” As much as I wanted to snuggle him, after 3 hours I gave up putting him in his crib where he promptly fell asleep within 5 minutes.

Saturday we took him to the museum where he thrilled to dinosaurs and lost his mind that Gloria, Alex, Melman and Marty were all in the same exhibit. That night he asked  to sleep with me again. It broke my heart to say no, I wanted to snuggle him close. We read extra books, we nursed a little longer than usual. After I placed him in his crib he asked so sweetly for me to stay with him, to sleep on the extra bed. Thoughts of mother’s searching for their babies, and babies crying in shelters for their parents swept away in the tsunami filled my head and I agreed. Laying down on the bed opposite the crib and watching him, listening to his breathing. Every once in a while jerking awake to make sure I was still there.  It was just lovely.

The next night The Boss informed me he was done with his crib and would now sleep in the big boy bed. Wait…WHAT? I’d hoped eventually he’d move to it and Baby2ElectricBoogaloo would move into the crib.

But now? NOW????? I’m not ready…this is too fast. He was JUST BORN!!! But there it is. He’s made up his mind. There was nothing to be done but to let him move into it. He seemed so tiny and fragile in the big bed….I must have checked on him twenty times.

He woke up proud as could be and I woke up with a child who is just one big milestone further from babyhood. Le sob.

I’m forever grateful that I got to spend his last night in his crib listening to him breath those sweet snuffly sleepy breaths. I’ll remember it always.

Don’t worry about the crib, it’s not lonely….someone has made it his home. Which is cool…for now.

p.s. as soon as I find cool bedding and finish the rest of the room for the boys I’ll do a big reveal! But you can sneak a look at the headboard I re-did. $3.50 for that. Hells yeah.

I do not force this on my child…

Since the Boss is such a wealth of Beatles information and can name all the parts of the guitar “these are the frets Mommy!” I sometimes get accused of, well, pushing this on him.

While I have always loved The Beatles and thought them the greatest band of all time, it wasn’t until my son came along that I became intimately acquainted with I Dig A Pony I can honestly say that in all my days, including my days of dating some musicians, I never once ever in the course of history played the air guitar, or drums, or bass. I do this now on a daily basis. I spend my days switching out guitars, like a Roadie. In fact, DaDaRocks once told me my blog should really be called Roadie Mom. He is not incorrect, I am frequently fetching White Guitar to trade for Blue Guitar, or at bedtime Squishy Guitar. Of all the guitars, the most treasured though is George Guitar. Heaven help us if we can’t find George Guitar. Of course, you must have figured out that George Guitar is a mini Gretsch replica of the one George Harrison played. Naturally. Which he got from Mr. Gretsh at the Abbey Road On the River (why yes, our tickets for this year have already been purchased!). I’m guessing an extra George Guitar will be purchased this year, along with a Sir Pau-Tawney bass.

Just the other day, after a lovely nap The Boss had a fantabulous concert in his room, all the Beatles were there, John, Paul, George and Ringo. Ringo was really pissing him off though since he kept moving his drum kit all over the room and the highlight of my day was when The Boss turned to him and yelled “Ringo, pick a spot! Sheesh”. Yup, he even bosses around imaginary Beatles. He was so focused and they played a whole set of The Boss’ favorites. Hard Day’s Night, She Was Just 17 and of course Helter Skelter (which is about playground equipment…whoda thunk it?) that once the concert was over and we abandoned the venue I actually turned to the empty room and thanked the Beatles, just in case the two who have departed came to play with my little man.

When he was just days old he would cry until Daddy put on Everybody’s Gonna Dance Tonight by Sir Pau-Tawney.

{One week old and before Daddy truly understood support the head!}

I have done nothing to force this on my baby. I fully admit to indulging and enjoying the hell out of it, we listen to the Beatles all the time, we play Beatles Rock Band. Mumsy (my mom) sent him ALL her Beatles memorabilia including a ginormous poster and her ticket from when she saw them! Getting these things framed and up in his room is high on the list of to-do’s. I encourage his musical interests and I will admit that I’ll be sad if and when his interests change…I try to remember that he may be MY baby, but he is his own person.

But for now, he is happily playing his guitar watching Guitar Basics instructional tape (yeah VHS FTW!) and in a minute he’ll scurry over to his drum set and say mommy is this the high hat? And I’ll say yes, baby it is! you’re such a good musician!

My heart will burst with love and I’ll happily spend the day switching out guitars and fetching drum sticks.

It’s a good gig, being a Roadie Mom.

People? I am in a LOT of trouble.

The Location: The Women’s locker room of the Germantown Indoor Swim Center

The Characters: The Boss and his mother

The Scene: The Boss and his mother have just finished swimming and having a grand old time. They enter the women’s locker room (because he is 2.5 he is not hitting the men’s locker room all alone, natch!) and entcounter a lot – nay, a gaggle- of pre-teen girls waiting in line for the showers.

The Dialogue:

The Boss: Mommy, what those are?

Mommy: those are showers to rinse off after swimming.

The Boss: (pointing to the girls) what they are doing?

Mommy: They are waiting in line to use the shower.

The Boss: Look Mommy, I do want to take a shower with all those girls.

And scene.

Jason Sudeikis better look out!!

Jason Sudeikis? You know I love you. You are second only to my beloved imagi-boyfriend/husband/cabana boy Will Forte . *falls to knees lamenting the loss of Will Forte on SNL* why God whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? FORTE!!! * {imagine that last Forte bit a la Stella! from Streetcar Named Desire complete with me ripping my wife beater off in the rain. Forte commitment. I has it.)

And of course my husband. I love that guy, so really Sudeikis you’re third. I know, I know this just breaks your heart…but breathe. It’s ok.

Anyway, Sudeikis, now that you’re a big ol’movie star perhaps it’s time to give someone else a chance. Someone little. Someone who can almost Cabbage Patch as well as you can. Because this gal will seriously weep if What’s up With That ceases to be. (Why does this make me laugh so hard? Slays me)

Someone…someone is gunning for your gig, Sudeikis. The Boss? Is putting you on notice.

We will have to work on stamina though. Sudeikis can do the Running Man and Roger Rabit far longer than The Boss. So the sketch will need to be approximately 11 seconds long. The Boss is easily distracted.

P.S. Sue Sylvester? You better watch your back too.


Have you ever just embarrased the hell outta yourself? If you’ve read this blog for more that like, one entry, you know I do all the time. But I’ll tell you a little secret, I totally almost hyperventiliated/cried/peed a little over this one.

And then I got all uppity cause um, I WAS RIGHT!

I’m pushing my oh-so-happy Boss in the swings at the playground, he’s squealing and laughing and telling me he can touch the sun. It was, in the words of the immortal Miss Chanandler Bing “perfection”

Suddenly there is a loud screeching of tires behind me as a black SUV and burgundy sedan come flying into the playground parking lot. I mean dangerous, crazy fast. The playground was packed since it was nice out and we have all been locked in our snow caves for ages. The drivers hop out of their cars and before I can stop myself I go OFF.

“Hey!” I scream “watch your driving, there are kids everywhere.  Slow down! Got it?” and by scream I mean that loud, strident mom yell that was installed sometime shortly after The Boss was born. Perhaps you have it too? The one that can stop teenage boys in their tracks and can freeze your toddlers giving-the-cat-a-bath-in-the-toilet attempt. That one. The two men stop for a moment, just a split second and give me a look before violently throwing open the trunks of their respective cars.

um…crap. They are totally going to kill me for yelling at them.

I’m nervously pushing The Boss and making small talk with him all the while watching them out of the corner of my eyes as they pull out big.fat.fekking.guns. at the playground. They both strap them into thigh holsters, before whipping out smaller guns to place at their waist and finally bullet proof vests marked POLICE in bright yellow letters across their chests.

Oh thank God, the chances of them murdering every one at the playground just got a lot smaller. They hopped back in their cars and drove off but not before giving me a sheepish look, as they pulled out of the parking lot I smiled embarrassed, terrified and said a quick prayer for their safety.

I simply cannot believe I screamed at the cops. Busy cops. On their way somewhere important and scary and time was off the essence.

But for reals? Don’t speed at the playground.