Jason Sudeikis better look out!!

Jason Sudeikis? You know I love you. You are second only to my beloved imagi-boyfriend/husband/cabana boy Will Forte . *falls to knees lamenting the loss of Will Forte on SNL* why God whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? FORTE!!! * {imagine that last Forte bit a la Stella! from Streetcar Named Desire complete with me ripping my wife beater off in the rain. Forte commitment. I has it.)

And of course my husband. I love that guy, so really Sudeikis you’re third. I know, I know this just breaks your heart…but breathe. It’s ok.

Anyway, Sudeikis, now that you’re a big ol’movie star perhaps it’s time to give someone else a chance. Someone little. Someone who can almost Cabbage Patch as well as you can. Because this gal will seriously weep if What’s up With That ceases to be. (Why does this make me laugh so hard? Slays me)

Someone…someone is gunning for your gig, Sudeikis. The Boss? Is putting you on notice.

We will have to work on stamina though. Sudeikis can do the Running Man and Roger Rabit far longer than The Boss. So the sketch will need to be approximately 11 seconds long. The Boss is easily distracted.

P.S. Sue Sylvester? You better watch your back too.

7 thoughts on “Jason Sudeikis better look out!!

  1. That is precious! I love the track suit. Very Sue Sylvester. And my son loves What’s Up With That? He and my husband sing it all the time!

    • Oooohhheeee! I flipping love that sketch. My husband bought him that suit and dressed him in it while I was shopping so I came around the corner and just saw him dressed like that and lost it!

  2. That is seriously one of our all time fave skits! Like crying our eyes out laughing hysterically. We love us some Sudeikis What’s up With That. Haaaaa. And The Boss? He’s got it down. LOVE.

    • I have no idea why it cracks me up so much! But holy cow I hope it’s on every week! I love it! (can you let me know if you get this reply in an email? I added anew plug in, so I could respond to replies, and I want to make sure it works!xoxoxox)

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