I do not force this on my child…

Since the Boss is such a wealth of Beatles information and can name all the parts of the guitar “these are the frets Mommy!” I sometimes get accused of, well, pushing this on him.

While I have always loved The Beatles and thought them the greatest band of all time, it wasn’t until my son came along that I became intimately acquainted with I Dig A Pony I can honestly say that in all my days, including my days of dating some musicians, I never once ever in the course of history played the air guitar, or drums, or bass. I do this now on a daily basis. I spend my days switching out guitars, like a Roadie. In fact, DaDaRocks once told me my blog should really be called Roadie Mom. He is not incorrect, I am frequently fetching White Guitar to trade for Blue Guitar, or at bedtime Squishy Guitar. Of all the guitars, the most treasured though is George Guitar. Heaven help us if we can’t find George Guitar. Of course, you must have figured out that George Guitar is a mini Gretsch replica of the one George Harrison played. Naturally. Which he got from Mr. Gretsh at the Abbey Road On the River (why yes, our tickets for this year have already been purchased!). I’m guessing an extra George Guitar will be purchased this year, along with a Sir Pau-Tawney bass.

Just the other day, after a lovely nap The Boss had a fantabulous concert in his room, all the Beatles were there, John, Paul, George and Ringo. Ringo was really pissing him off though since he kept moving his drum kit all over the room and the highlight of my day was when The Boss turned to him and yelled “Ringo, pick a spot! Sheesh”. Yup, he even bosses around imaginary Beatles. He was so focused and they played a whole set of The Boss’ favorites. Hard Day’s Night, She Was Just 17 and of course Helter Skelter (which is about playground equipment…whoda thunk it?) that once the concert was over and we abandoned the venue I actually turned to the empty room and thanked the Beatles, just in case the two who have departed came to play with my little man.

When he was just days old he would cry until Daddy put on Everybody’s Gonna Dance Tonight by Sir Pau-Tawney.

{One week old and before Daddy truly understood support the head!}

I have done nothing to force this on my baby. I fully admit to indulging and enjoying the hell out of it, we listen to the Beatles all the time, we play Beatles Rock Band. Mumsy (my mom) sent him ALL her Beatles memorabilia including a ginormous poster and her ticket from when she saw them! Getting these things framed and up in his room is high on the list of to-do’s. I encourage his musical interests and I will admit that I’ll be sad if and when his interests change…I try to remember that he may be MY baby, but he is his own person.

But for now, he is happily playing his guitar watching Guitar Basics instructional tape (yeah VHS FTW!) and in a minute he’ll scurry over to his drum set and say mommy is this the high hat? And I’ll say yes, baby it is! you’re such a good musician!

My heart will burst with love and I’ll happily spend the day switching out guitars and fetching drum sticks.

It’s a good gig, being a Roadie Mom.

10 thoughts on “I do not force this on my child…

  1. Hey there’s nuthin’ wrong with giving the boy a head start learning all about the best band EVAH!

    On a related note: is it wrong for me to be envious of the Boss’ memorabilia?!? 😉 An actual ticket!! That’s super cool.

    • I could not believe the stuff my mom had! And that she sent all that precious stuff to a 2 and a half year old!!! Beatles trading cards!

  2. I think this is sooooo awesome. As a fellow mom of a musician (we’re drummers here though) I can completely understand the sadness if & when this obsessive stage is ever over.

  3. This is the good stuff! Also, when you’re wondering who was poking around your site for 20 minutes reading everything this morning?

    It was me. Totally me. The Boss is growing up so FAST! Love the dance – and the playground too!

  4. I am a true believer in music and teaching your children as young as possible to enjoy every kind of music (even country…I may have just threw up a little typing that). Max and his love for The Beatles is awesome. Completely and Totally. Enjoy every second of it and don’t listen to those who have no idea just how much The Boss loves The Beatles. You’re his mom and TTOT is his dad….you guys know The Boss better than just about anyone.

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