phooey on foursquare.

Foursquare? I quit you. I’m the opposite of Brokeback Mountain “I don’t know how to quit you.”


You think you deserve an explanation as to why? Besides the whole I don’t really ever go anywhere and I don’t really get it…but that’s not why.


10:14 Stephanie checked in at Target.

10:14- 3 seconds Text from TOTT:  DON’T SPEND ANY MONEY.

Busted by foursquare.

I quit.

13 thoughts on “phooey on foursquare.

  1. HEH!! Love it!

    My take on foursquare is very NYC paranoid – I really don’t want people to know where I am. So all my stalkers/serial killers/house burglars will need to do some extra work to do their jobs. HAHAH.

  2. Oh man!! You got totally busted. 😦
    I only use Four Square when I go someplace neat and want to brag that I’m somewhere cooler than my friends. Mike doesn’t like it when I do that because he thinks that someone will figure out that we aren’t home and go rob us.

  3. What is this foursquare that you even speak of? We here at the VP’s are technologically deficient. Clearly. I could so keep tabs on my freespending husband this way. But, ummmm, sorry you got busted.

  4. Ha! Love it! I somehow have missed the four square phase…though I said that about Angry Birds and now I find myself hiding in the bathroom to play it! 🙂 You could accidentally leave your phone at home next time!

  5. i totally do not get foursquare. i mean, what the heck is the point anyway?

    and being busted by TOTT; that is totally a good enough reason to quit! lol!

  6. This post is old but I’m commenting anyway,

    I never could get into fourquare. I tried, for like a month. And then i just stopped. It’s appeal was lost on me.

  7. I just signed up a couple of weeks ago and I just don’t get it. I’m the Mayor of my Starbucks. Big Whoop. If I can’t put it on my resume I don’t care!

    • I guess you can unlock discounts and deals on it…but really I can’t be bothered. I think you should put Mayor of Starbucks on your resume. It’s not a lie, you can prove it!

  8. I know I am commenting on old posts but I can help it, you’re just too darn funny.

    This post? Sums up my life. My husband trys to ban me from Target.

    As for FourSquare? It’s supposed to be like a game, unlocking badges and deals and gaining points.

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