Beautiful boy.

We’ve reached the stage of boo boos and kisses to make them better. Incredible dramatic boo boos (no idea where he gets the drama from…) to small little knee boo boos. They all must be kissed.  I am more than happy to oblige, because as you know, munching on The Boss is my numero uno most favoritist activity of all time. I am soaking up the time where a tiny kiss and an ‘all better’ from Mommy can indeed make it all better.

Fingers in particular need to be kissed often. I don’t know if you know this but toddler boy fingers get bumped and squished a lot! Especially when said toddler is always banging on the drumset or attempting to get the big Fender guitar down all my his tiny self. Yes, fingers are frequently kissed better around these parts. I must admit that from the moment this baby was born I’ve had a certain obsession with his little hands. They are magical. I just crazy love those tiny hands.  This weekend he ran to me, fat tears rolling down his even fatter cheeks, holding out his little hand to me and whimpering. Without a thought I said the magic words and kisses those sweet little sausage fingers for all they were worth.

As I did a certain smell reached up from those precious pink hands and wafted to my nose. ummm, eww! I wrinkled my nose and pulled his hand back from my mouth.  He said quietly and with a voice full of emotion

“Mommy I got poop on my hand. Need to wash it.”

Note to self~ check whether toddler fingers need to be kissed or washed from here on out.

As we washed his hands and I gargled with twently gallons of listerine we discussed how we don’t put our hands down our pants. I’m well aware that this is a losing battle as he is ALL BOY. But a Mommy’s gotta try right?

And barring that, sniff before kissing. Actually I should needle point that on a sampler. Sniff before kissing.

Yes, I lived the Baby Mama scene “is that poop or chocolate?”

It wasn’t chocolate.

7 thoughts on “Beautiful boy.

  1. My then almost 2 year old, was so crazy and wild, I would insist she take a shower with me, just so I could keep on eye on her. Well, one day, while I was rinsing conditioner from my hair, she slipped out. I found her less than 3 minutes later, having defecated on the carpet with both hands in it, and then trying to put it in her mouth. She had this horrified look on her face like, “I really expect this to taste better.”

    She and both survived it but it took me several days to not shudder every time I looked at her.

  2. Oh how I love your sweet little Max. If only kisses would make my Maxs boo boos better. For some reason my kids INSIST that only bandaids, copious amounts of bandaids can make anything feel better. Also, Max has decided that he’s a big boy and he started wearing underpants and going on the potty this week. It’s great, but at the same time, I’m sorta mourning the loss of my baby.

  3. Oh no! That is no fun. Abby has done that in her crib before. She used to have to wear shirts over her footie pajamas so that she couldn’t unzip them and take her jams and diaper off. I walked in two times to find “surprises” on the bed! Yuck, yuck, yuck!

  4. i so love kissing boo boos all better. and baby/toddler/wee fingers are my favorite.

    thank you for sharing your recent boo boo kissing experience. to my horror, j has done this several times. reading about the boss doing so made me laugh out loud. simply because i can so totally relate and feel better knowing it’s not just my son. my girls never did it, so when j did, i was so embarrassed (the first time he ever did it was at daycare…eeks!).

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