Royal Wedding?? Ours were just as gorgeous. Right? RIGHT????

Okay, I said I wouldn’t drink the Royal Wedding Kool Aid, but I SO DID!!!

It all breaks down to the fact that I want to see Princess Diana’s boys happy. (much like I want to see Jennifer Anniston happy!)And Kate Middleton is like right out Hollywood casting of what a Princess should be.

But you know what got me? It wasn’t the pomp and circumstance, it wasn’t the carriages and guards. It was how Prince Harry reportedly told the groom “Wait till you see her!” It was the way Prince William whispered to her at the altar “you look beautiful”. The way they giggled. The way he awkwardly took her bouquet to help her from the carriage. The way she said “Oh wow!” when she saw all the people as they stepped out on the balcony. The way they blushed as they decided on a second kiss just to please the cheering crowd.

So normal. So darling. In the midst of this whole giant international frenzy then managed to be just a bride and just a groom together.

Of course this made me think of how TOTT and I giggled as the string quartet kept playing FOREVER even after I had reached the altar. The way just as we were about to tear up at our vows my darling Godson Ben(WWJD’s gorgeous boy) started to blow raspberries and it cracked everyone up! How we shared whispers and small laughs at the altar….

How loved we felt to be surrounded by so many of our family and friends. Turns out a Royal Wedding has a lot in common with the weddings of us commoners.
Who’da thunk it?

And this made me want to stare at my own wedding pictures. Will I ever be that thin again? I know I’ll never be that botoxed! The nurse went a leeeetle overboard. I couldn’t move my eyebrows! This was a great distress to me, as I am an eyebrow actor.

And that made me want to see your photos! Toss one up on your blog right quick, or if you have awedding or anniversary post link that!

I want to see. Do it!

Please link back here if you’re participating so others can join the fun!

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An Interview with The Boss…. HAPPY EASTER!

In case you’ve ever wondered about the mysterious Easter Bunny, The Boss spills the beans. (jelly?)

Few of you know this…but TOTT and I almost didn’t get married. It’s true. We almost never met, never fell in love, he almost never proposed, we almost never had a ceremony at the beautiful Mission Inn, we almost never had Max.

Because TOTT almost fell prey to this evil, obviously some sort of predator that Chris Hanson should bust for something Easter Bunny.

Seriously. Easter Bunny of Death.

yo yo ma is kind of a bad a$$.

I’ve been upgraded from bed rest to “take it easy…but really lay down as much as possible” rest and yay! I can now move from the bed to the couch and get up and do crazy things such as shower, and change the sheets. But then I need a nap. Because showering is exhausting these days, and not just because of my girth. I am still contracting away, and some of them are downright buggers! They gave me a nice set of rules to follow in case they go to the dark side, but as for now I’ve been reassured that I won’t deliver in the next two weeks. I go back then for another painful poking and prodding exam and ultrasound. So that’s the update there…just hoping to keep Baby2ElectricBoogaloo a cookin!

Anyway…TOTT sent me this video because a. I love the cello and b. as an ex-dancer i love me some crazy awesome moves.

I present to you Yo Yo Ma and Lil Buck in a dual improvisation.(if you don’t think this is cool…well, we can still be friends. I mean I am sure that some of you are having to overlook that I thnk MacGruber is hilarious. So let’s just all respect each other’s choices, okay?) Make sure you watch till the end where Lil Buck gets himself in such a position that would surely win him an Adult Video Award were he a female. And a porn star. Dude…the mind reels at the flexibility.

Ok, that is awesome, right? It’s called jookin’, or Memphis Jookin’ which I know  because I am chock full of street cred. I want to do that! How amazing is he? I’m checking my local gym because surely jookin is the next Zumba.

Lose the baby weight by jookin’…Sign me up.

What I have learned from 48 hours of bedrest.

First up laying around doing nothing in bed makes you tired…what the ham sandwhich is that all about? I did nothing. I took four naps. And yet? Exhausted. This is ten kinds of wrong, shouldn’t I be all well rested and cheery? Instead I’m all pasty and puffy with circles under my eyes and a package of Reese’s Mini peanut butter cups crumpled next to my head. Empty of course.

How I Met Your Mother is on all.the.time. I happen to be happy about this because I like the show but never get to watch it. I believe I have now seen every episode within the last 48 hours and can now declare that Marshall and Ted are the cutest couple on tv. The end.

Criminals on tv dramas are stupid. So stupid they are stoopid. Like I’ve seen more episodes of Law & Order SVU (Detective Stabler…yum) and Bones (David Boreanaz. Strangely hot even with that cromagnum brow!) in the last two days than ever before and the criminals always get busted by their shoes. Shoe prints. And even better, the criminals are ALWAYS wearing the same shoes they murdered they victim in! Even when it’s a cold case! Sheesh people. Get rid of your shoes. Even if they are cute (which they never are on these shows). If it’s not shoes it’s clothes. I’m trying not to focus on this but it’s difficult. Luckily Detective Stabler and whatever David Boreanaz’s character is named help distract. Cute boys FTW!

The Boss is having a tough time you guys. He keeps trying to fix me with his little toy tools. It’s so precious but it breaks my heart because oh my god he just wants to be held and more than anything in the world he wants to boo. And the doc says NO BOO-ING! We didn’t get to have a ceremonial last nursing session. Just done. Over. I am so sad about it. It’s hard to feel like I am being a bad mommy to The Boss by trying to be a good mommy to Baby2ElectricBoogaloo. There’s just no way to feel like I’m winning in this situation. None.

Luckily the family is keeping him entertained. Today he got to go to Guitar Store and then off to Auntie Keek’s for some good old fashioned dress up.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a little better for my poor little guy!

I’m blaming the randomness of this post on my extreme exhaustion. You know, from all the sleeping.

p.s. all of you fabulous SITSGirls? You made me so happy…overwhelmed fo sho but so happy! I am going to do my best to visit every single one of you!!

Pull up a chair and SITS right down!

{too cheesy?}
How to Blog
Hello everyone! Today is my SITS day, which really couldn’t come at a lovelier time because it is my SECOND Blogaversary!!! (And also that pesky pre-term labor bedrest stuff….but let’s not talk about that right now!) If you don’t know what SITS is, get on over there and check it out, you won’t be sorry!

Welcome my SITSTAS! Thank you so much for clicking over here today to check out my little corner of the old interwebz. I’m thrilled to have you, I’ve so enjoyed visiting all of the blogs featured at SITS since I joined and I can’t believe my day is here!
Some quick facts about me and mine:

We live with my inlaws. I KNOW!
this actually works really well for us…truly.
I’m a vegetarian
I’m obsessed with decor blogs, I LOVE to re-do furniture
I was a professional actress before my son arrived and we moved from LA to Ohio and then to DC.
My hubs and I met playing brother & sister in a play….eeeeew!
I still work from time to time, last year I pretended I was Mariska Hargitay on an episode of America’s Most Wanted.
You can see some of my commercials HERE
I really need to upload some more things to that, but I’m easily distracted!
I’m obsessed with TARGET, if I were a bazillionare, Target would still be my first stop for just about everything.
I like to make lists
I try not to have typos, but I always do. My apologies!

Some starting points:

If you’re wondering who is reading your blog

The Ballad of the Four Dollar Bra

Where I am almost shot…or at least arrested.

I sometimes forget Tori Spelling isn’t my real life friend.

And a few that showcase how obsessed I am with my son…I’ll need an AA program when he goes to college. I fear for his future girlfriends. I need to get over myself. {Baby2ElectricBoogaloo is also a BOY…so another obsession for ME!}

 These explain The Boss in a nutshell:

Precocious, non?

Obsessions begin early. I love the video in this one!

I am still traumatized by this…(and will possibly tell his prom date all about it!)

Lessons Learned.

The Sweetest Hour

Oh I could go on and on and on but I won’t. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives to stop by and say hello…I appreciate it.

the last normal day.

There’s a day that is the last normal day before everything in your life changes.  Oh sure, you have worries. Paying the rent, car insurance…the like. But then something happens and WHAM! suddendly everything is different. WOrries before seem minimal and you have a new normal. There is always that last normal day where you are blissfully  unaware that evertying is about to change. Today is that day for someone….we came thisclose to yesterday being that day for us.

The morning was lovely, The Boss and I snuggled and boo’d before he decided he wanted to hang with his grandma and she sent me back to bed since I’ve been so tired lately. {This is where living with your in laws in awesome, I did a whole going back to bed touchdown dance that included both the cabbage patch and the sprinkler.} I woke an hour and a half later feeling much more alert and grabbed a cuppa while enjoying the kiddo’s WAKE UP DADDY drum show. TOTT and I took the kiddo for a little shop, a little play, a BIG haircut (I miss the mop top. But really, trying to tame his 2009 Kate Gosselin rooster every morning was getting old, plus when his hair was all wetted and combed he looked like he belonged on the Compound or Children of the Corn, so it was time.) then we hit the diner for a little grub and everyone took a nap.

It should be said that I have been feeling poorly this last week and all day felt “odd” but I didn’t really think about it. Dork. But when I woke up from my nap I felt well, let’s just say I may have googled “How can you tell if your water has broken” Yeah, yeah I have a kid but he was breach and a scheduled C because he was REALLY stuck up in there and jacknifed so while I DID have contractions-and was in total denial about- with him my water never broke. Then the cramping that I had been having for the last few days got stronger and more frequent and by 8  o’clock I was starting to really freak. A quick call to the doctor and we were in the hospital. He did not say “Just put your feet up” as I had predicted and alas, I was not one ofthose women the nurses joke about saying”That’s gas honey, you’re not in labor” Instead they said “You are having BIG contractions, are you in a lot of pain?” and it was decided that I would be admitted and possibly transferred to the hospital with the NICU equipped to take a 30 weeker.

A 30 weeker??? Born. Baby2ElectricBoogaloo was actually being planned for, a contingency plan in action. IV’s meds to stop the labor….buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut if not, here’s what we will do.

And just like that we started steeling our souls for waving goodbye to normal’.

Thankfully, prayerfully, gratefully the meds worked and I was discharched this morning. Averaging about one big contraction an hour but the muffin shop is still closed if ya know what I mean and I am to rest, rest, rest.

I learned a thing or two last night. Valuable info.


  1. pre-term labor
  2. vomiting all over the room exorcist style.
  3. Painful IVsticks.
  4. Burny Trebuline shots. (see also COOL because they worked!) (also I might not be spelling that right. Too tired to check)
  5. The way trebuline makes you feel like Uma Thurman in pulp fiction
  6. The way trebuline makes baby feel Uma Thurman-y and re-enact the dancing scene for five hours while sporting a racing heart. Both OUCH and a little scary seeing that heart flicker at 180.
  7. Having to pee every three minutes because of the IV’s.
  8. Having to call for a nurse to unhook you from ten monitors in order to go pee.
  9. feeling like electrified jello does not make for an easy walk to the loo, thanks trebuline!
  10. Sleeping in the hosipal. Impossible.
  11. Being told no more coffee. And worse? NO more boo-ing the Boss. Le Sob. I’m not ready!


  1. My nurses. Whatever they get paid? Double it. They kicked ass and cracked jokes. I love them.
  2. Now I don’t have to schedule that pesky hospital tour!
  3. It was little 1950’s movie last night racing through the dark woods to get to the hospital.
  4. Those horrible shots.
  5. That I’m kind of a bad ass who looks big contractions in the eye and then paints a nightstand and end up in the hospital.
  6. I wasn’tcrazy thinking something was wrong…so many times we are made to feel we are being elodramatic or something. Dude, if you think something is wrong, CALL!
  7. The Boss. Coolest of the cool. He missed me but is a rockstar, he seems to undertand that something is up and is being super cool.
  8. My In-Laws. My FIL for running many phone chargers etc to the hospital at 1 am and my mother in law for taking the day off and caring for Max and for just now bringning me strawberry shortcake in bed. That’s cool.
  9. TOTT for being my rock last night when I was so scared and for not dissapearing into Angry Birds too much…although I don’t blame him it was mighty scary there for a bit.

The bee in my bonnet

Call me butter, cause I’m on a roll! While the In-Laws were kicking it vacay style I ripped apart the kitchen eat in area and got my re-do on.

Of course you know I stink at taking before pictures. Why can’t I remember this step? Oh yeah, patience is not my strongest virtue. Bargain shopping is.

I DID remember to take a picture of the table. You know once TOTT had drug it outside. Trust me, the room needed some help! There were old curtains that made it dark and the window casing was painted pink. Pink people. So yeah, while I had the white paint out I gave it a coat or two. Nothing like a 7 months pregnant chick balancing on a ladder.

Table before:

I know. It’s so beautiful you can’t believe I messed with it right? Luckily most of the damage was surface so a sanding and priming later it was good to go. I used oil based paint for this because the advice I got was that it would be stronger from a dining table…dude. Oil based paint hates me and the feeling? she is mutual.


My MIL loves Country Living Magazine and she had remarked several times how she’d love to see this done so I did my best! Just a little bit of aging, which was tough because you know I do love to beat furniture up with the sander! I managed to reign myself in.

Oh yes, that wallpaper will be exiting the building VERY soon.

I love a lazy susan on a table so I decided to make the one we’ve been using match, and I added a little monogram.

I replaced the heavy crochet curtains with some shabby chic ones that I found still in the package in the garage, I’m still on the lookout for the right ones, but they are much better and the light from the window is just lovely! I also hung up my Miss Mustardseed inspired cupcake sign! My SIL Kelly makes cupcakes so for her birthday I made this for her.

Finally I decided to slap some paint on some candle sticks(1.00 @ GW thankyouverymuch!) and a little mirror and bring out my old window and do a spring mantel for my mother in law!

Today the weather was so lovely my helper and I started on a nightstand that I promised my friend Katie…oh 6 months ago. Then I got pregnant and the weather stunk and blah blah blah. I cannot believe she’s been so patient. This one should be done tomorrow and yet again, it’s inspired by Miss Mustardseed’s red dresser.

I find it’s good to have an underling do the dirty work.

He had such a blast! And actually? He’s a pretty good helper.

I’m linking up with Miss Mustardseed’s Furniture Feature Friday!


The Boss & Baby2ElectricBooglaoo

The Boss had the most expressive hands as a tiny baby. We used to joke he did a finger ballet. Now of course, they fly all over the guitar, bang on the drums and also spend time being kissed whilst smelling of poop. {I am still traumatised!} I love his hands. Especially when they are clean. But I love those little hands. I am near obsessed with them.

Looks like the latest little set of hands to be joining us soon will be just as expressive.

And just as loved.

Zooey Deschanel and Winner Winner {vegetarian} Chicken Dinner!

Perhaps you may have heard we live with my in-laws? Oh yeah. The deal is that it is total awesomeness 99% of the time, but that other 1%? We can make each other nutty. Mostly because I am used to being in charge of my own household and since this is THEIR household they do things their way and well….I was an only child. What can I say? Also sometimes I get jealous of how much The Boss loves his Grandma. Plus she gives him oodles of candy, as is a grandmother’s perogative…except we live with them so he gets it A LOT. But I digress.

Quelle Suprise.

Far and away I do love living here with them. The Boss is surrounded by people who love him and everywhere he wanders there is someone to love up on him and munch on those glorious cheeks. ANYWAY….This last week they went out of town and I decided that it was time for me to take matters in to my own hands and re-do the kitchen table and eat in area. One of the things my mother in law and I bonded over is a love of flea markets and country living magazine. She kept saying I want it to look like Country Living! She got this beat up table at a garage sale last year and I decided The Boss and I were going to work to surprise her! I just wanted to do something nice for her.

Now what on God’s green earth does this have to do with anything? Well remember when I asked you guys to prevent me from cutting bangs??? You’re all fired. Perhaps it was the many screening of Yes Man (p.s. I watching Date Night. Yes Man just kept coming on after it.) that came on while I was painting away that I decided {again. delusionally.} That Zooey Deschanel and I were twins.

Is it me? Or is it Zooey?

I guess it’s all good as kinda figure I don’t like my wrinkly forehead more than I don’t like me with bangs. After 4 years no botox and many sleepless nights my forehead is looking more like WWJD’s Mugsy:

{yet another testament to the talent of Maya.}

I’m kinda digging the bangs. Although it would be great if someone could come over here and teach me how to style them cause I tried to use a curling iron on them and that was HIGH-LARIOUS!

Now what was I doing…..hmmmm oh! That’s right! I was so pre-occupied with my newly Deschaneled Fringe hair that  I forgot about the giveaway! Perhaps that’s why you’ve stopped by this lovely monday morning? was employed. It was easy, although I know you were looking forward to a Boss video. I was too, but someone was too busy playing with his new guitar that his grandma brought him and couldn’t be bothered. So…yeah.

And the WINNER IS:

{You know you dig my iphone screen shot, I know there is a way to do a screen shot on aPC, just not how! I told you….LUDDITE!}

Anyway comment #3 is RACHEL from Sol and Rachel do a Blog! She’s got a crazy cute blondie named FINLEY and another baby due So Maya? Get ready for some CUTE!

If you aren’t Rachel, please check out the amazeballs discount Maya is offering to you for a shoot in April orMay. Just mention Minky to get $75 dollars off the session fee plus some bonus extras!

Thank you all so much for entering.