The Boss & Baby2ElectricBooglaoo

The Boss had the most expressive hands as a tiny baby. We used to joke he did a finger ballet. Now of course, they fly all over the guitar, bang on the drums and also spend time being kissed whilst smelling of poop. {I am still traumatised!} I love his hands. Especially when they are clean. But I love those little hands. I am near obsessed with them.

Looks like the latest little set of hands to be joining us soon will be just as expressive.

And just as loved.

9 thoughts on “Like,WHOA.

  1. this is truly the COOLEST thing i have ever seen. it totally warms my heart. i’m so excited for you all and your growing family. it’ll be so awesome when both little ones can see this post.

  2. That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen done with an ultrasound. Usually, I kinda cringe at those things (other people’s ultrasounds of their babies, that is), but I really love the side by side of your children’s hands. Beautiful stuff!!

    • of all the pictures we got that day this is the one that just blew my mind! I mean…that is the same hand! So cool! Thank you so much for coming by!

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