The bee in my bonnet

Call me butter, cause I’m on a roll! While the In-Laws were kicking it vacay style I ripped apart the kitchen eat in area and got my re-do on.

Of course you know I stink at taking before pictures. Why can’t I remember this step? Oh yeah, patience is not my strongest virtue. Bargain shopping is.

I DID remember to take a picture of the table. You know once TOTT had drug it outside. Trust me, the room needed some help! There were old curtains that made it dark and the window casing was painted pink. Pink people. So yeah, while I had the white paint out I gave it a coat or two. Nothing like a 7 months pregnant chick balancing on a ladder.

Table before:

I know. It’s so beautiful you can’t believe I messed with it right? Luckily most of the damage was surface so a sanding and priming later it was good to go. I used oil based paint for this because the advice I got was that it would be stronger from a dining table…dude. Oil based paint hates me and the feeling? she is mutual.


My MIL loves Country Living Magazine and she had remarked several times how she’d love to see this done so I did my best! Just a little bit of aging, which was tough because you know I do love to beat furniture up with the sander! I managed to reign myself in.

Oh yes, that wallpaper will be exiting the building VERY soon.

I love a lazy susan on a table so I decided to make the one we’ve been using match, and I added a little monogram.

I replaced the heavy crochet curtains with some shabby chic ones that I found still in the package in the garage, I’m still on the lookout for the right ones, but they are much better and the light from the window is just lovely! I also hung up my Miss Mustardseed inspired cupcake sign! My SIL Kelly makes cupcakes so for her birthday I made this for her.

Finally I decided to slap some paint on some candle sticks(1.00 @ GW thankyouverymuch!) and a little mirror and bring out my old window and do a spring mantel for my mother in law!

Today the weather was so lovely my helper and I started on a nightstand that I promised my friend Katie…oh 6 months ago. Then I got pregnant and the weather stunk and blah blah blah. I cannot believe she’s been so patient. This one should be done tomorrow and yet again, it’s inspired by Miss Mustardseed’s red dresser.

I find it’s good to have an underling do the dirty work.

He had such a blast! And actually? He’s a pretty good helper.

I’m linking up with Miss Mustardseed’s Furniture Feature Friday!

8 thoughts on “The bee in my bonnet

  1. I LOVE the white table and the lazy susan!! I just made a three tier cupcake holder this morning and I think I may need to bake some cupcakes this weekend to fill it with!! 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend darling!! xo

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