the last normal day.

There’s a day that is the last normal day before everything in your life changes.  Oh sure, you have worries. Paying the rent, car insurance…the like. But then something happens and WHAM! suddendly everything is different. WOrries before seem minimal and you have a new normal. There is always that last normal day where you are blissfully  unaware that evertying is about to change. Today is that day for someone….we came thisclose to yesterday being that day for us.

The morning was lovely, The Boss and I snuggled and boo’d before he decided he wanted to hang with his grandma and she sent me back to bed since I’ve been so tired lately. {This is where living with your in laws in awesome, I did a whole going back to bed touchdown dance that included both the cabbage patch and the sprinkler.} I woke an hour and a half later feeling much more alert and grabbed a cuppa while enjoying the kiddo’s WAKE UP DADDY drum show. TOTT and I took the kiddo for a little shop, a little play, a BIG haircut (I miss the mop top. But really, trying to tame his 2009 Kate Gosselin rooster every morning was getting old, plus when his hair was all wetted and combed he looked like he belonged on the Compound or Children of the Corn, so it was time.) then we hit the diner for a little grub and everyone took a nap.

It should be said that I have been feeling poorly this last week and all day felt “odd” but I didn’t really think about it. Dork. But when I woke up from my nap I felt well, let’s just say I may have googled “How can you tell if your water has broken” Yeah, yeah I have a kid but he was breach and a scheduled C because he was REALLY stuck up in there and jacknifed so while I DID have contractions-and was in total denial about- with him my water never broke. Then the cramping that I had been having for the last few days got stronger and more frequent and by 8  o’clock I was starting to really freak. A quick call to the doctor and we were in the hospital. He did not say “Just put your feet up” as I had predicted and alas, I was not one ofthose women the nurses joke about saying”That’s gas honey, you’re not in labor” Instead they said “You are having BIG contractions, are you in a lot of pain?” and it was decided that I would be admitted and possibly transferred to the hospital with the NICU equipped to take a 30 weeker.

A 30 weeker??? Born. Baby2ElectricBoogaloo was actually being planned for, a contingency plan in action. IV’s meds to stop the labor….buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut if not, here’s what we will do.

And just like that we started steeling our souls for waving goodbye to normal’.

Thankfully, prayerfully, gratefully the meds worked and I was discharched this morning. Averaging about one big contraction an hour but the muffin shop is still closed if ya know what I mean and I am to rest, rest, rest.

I learned a thing or two last night. Valuable info.


  1. pre-term labor
  2. vomiting all over the room exorcist style.
  3. Painful IVsticks.
  4. Burny Trebuline shots. (see also COOL because they worked!) (also I might not be spelling that right. Too tired to check)
  5. The way trebuline makes you feel like Uma Thurman in pulp fiction
  6. The way trebuline makes baby feel Uma Thurman-y and re-enact the dancing scene for five hours while sporting a racing heart. Both OUCH and a little scary seeing that heart flicker at 180.
  7. Having to pee every three minutes because of the IV’s.
  8. Having to call for a nurse to unhook you from ten monitors in order to go pee.
  9. feeling like electrified jello does not make for an easy walk to the loo, thanks trebuline!
  10. Sleeping in the hosipal. Impossible.
  11. Being told no more coffee. And worse? NO more boo-ing the Boss. Le Sob. I’m not ready!


  1. My nurses. Whatever they get paid? Double it. They kicked ass and cracked jokes. I love them.
  2. Now I don’t have to schedule that pesky hospital tour!
  3. It was little 1950’s movie last night racing through the dark woods to get to the hospital.
  4. Those horrible shots.
  5. That I’m kind of a bad ass who looks big contractions in the eye and then paints a nightstand and end up in the hospital.
  6. I wasn’tcrazy thinking something was wrong…so many times we are made to feel we are being elodramatic or something. Dude, if you think something is wrong, CALL!
  7. The Boss. Coolest of the cool. He missed me but is a rockstar, he seems to undertand that something is up and is being super cool.
  8. My In-Laws. My FIL for running many phone chargers etc to the hospital at 1 am and my mother in law for taking the day off and caring for Max and for just now bringning me strawberry shortcake in bed. That’s cool.
  9. TOTT for being my rock last night when I was so scared and for not dissapearing into Angry Birds too much…although I don’t blame him it was mighty scary there for a bit.

33 thoughts on “the last normal day.

  1. Oh wow! How scary and I’m so glad that the contractions have eased and you are back home. Here’s hoping you can keep Boogaloo in there a little longer. You know, maybe you should do some research now that you are in bed- like does having a personal masseuse, and mani/pedi in bed, and maybe a personal chef, etc… do anything to keep away labor. Really, moms around the world need to know. SOMEONE has to do the research!

  2. Oh my! Too much fun on Saturday maybe? He couldn’t wait to come out and join the party? Except no offense, Mr. Bugaloo… we’re not quite ready for you, so keep your cute little hiney in there!! Please send up the flag for whatever help you might need. You have your own little army of women here.

  3. I’m so glad everything is ok! He gave us quite a scare! Please know you can call or text any time if you need something!

    I also had Trebuline with Annalisa at about 31 weeks and my heart felt like it was going to come flying out of my chest! I had shakes like you wouldn’t believe and since I didn’t have anyone here with me I had to wait hours before I could drive home 😦 It was horrible.

    Keep your feet up, drink lots of water and relax! Lets keep bugaloo baking for a few more weeks.

  4. oh honey! Yes, he needs to bake a bit longer. Rest rest rest!!
    I had those awful shots with Sam at 34 weeks and they were BRUTAL. Puking in those tiny kidney shaped plastic containers is not my idea of fun. but it’s all to keep them where they belong a bit longer!!

  5. So glad you are home and that both of you are ok!! How scary! Even though I am across the river, send up a smoke signal next time and I will use my magic carpet to get to you asap if you need anything!! 🙂

  6. I am so glad you are okay. I follow your exploits here faithfully, but I get scared sometimes! Yow! I’m glad you are healthy & so is the surprise guy, getting ready for his debut. I’m sending you much love and support from far away. If I can prove more useful, please say so.

  7. I was just wondering today if you were getting close to having the baby. Glad that you are not having a baby at 30 weeks though! Get plenty of rest – you are so lucky to have family around you.


  8. Very insightful observation. I have a 32 weeker who was born by emergency c-section due to HELLP Syndrome. The time between my first inclination there was a problem to his birth was no more than 3 hours. I often think about the rest of that day and how normal it was…Original Pancake House for lunch, watching SYTYCD and eating brownies just hours before he was born…blissfully unaware that both my child and I would come close to death that night.

    So glad the contractions have stopped and I hope you are able to rest, rest, rest!

  9. Oh honey! I’ve been there. Preterm labor at 28 weeks and I held those little suckers in for another six weeks. You can do it. You are a smoking hot oven. 🙂

  10. Stephanie, so glad you are ok, so sorry, sounds really scary, but glad your at home resting now. Keep in touch, we love you!

  11. My face is that puffy everyday:)
    Glad you are fabulous and full of humour because the hospital is sucky ( even when needed.)
    Ask for chocolate cheesecake and carmel souffles too. Milk it sister:)

  12. Wow!! You’re getting so close…but yes the vomit is no good. And the pain. We can do without the pain. I’m keeping my legs crossed for you. Hang on baby…you’re not done cooking yet!

  13. Well for the love. THAT is not ok. So glad that you’re ALL home safe and sound. Best of luck on keeping Baby IN until its time. Which I might add is a little freaky that you’re actually this close to having him. NUTTS!!

  14. I am glad the terbutaline stopped your pre-term labor and hope you can keep #2 baking for a bit longer. You are in my thoughts and prayers as is the Boss for having to give up his boo-ing. My grandson was none to pleased being forced into that decision for the same reasons.

  15. So glad that everything is okay for you. I know how scary that can be. With my last baby, I had to get an emergency cerclage at 23 weeks, and was on full bedrest until 36 weeks! It nearly drove me crazy…but it was worth it for my now healthy and rambunctious almost-3 year old. Isn’t it amazing how you would do anything for a little person you haven’t even met yet?

    Stopping by from SITS…great blog!

  16. good grief lady! i am so so so so so so glad all is well with you and baby2electricboogaloo. so glad. hugs to you on the no more boo’ing topic. major hugs. rest, rest, rest and most importantly, rest.

  17. Wowsers. Way to knock Sunday out of the park! Three cheers for stomaching trebuline (yes, it does very much suck) and for keeping Baby2EB in for a little while longer. Call if you need something ANYTHING and we’ll be up to visit when you can’t stand the quiet or daytime TV any longer.

    You’re doing great work here. Hang in there!

  18. WOAH!!!
    Water, water, water! Drink it like mad. Take it easy. Be a lazy arse. Keep that baby2.. cooking! As a mom to 2 30 weekers, I wouldn’t want anyone else having to go through the same!

  19. Wow…that is scary!!! So glad you are home and they were able to stop those contractions. Your baby needs to cook a while longer. The bed rest is tough but will be so worth it in the end. Now you can just surf the internet, watch a little TV, take lots of naps, snuggle with the boss and try not to go crazy:-)

    Hugs to you!!

  20. I’m glad things are calming down — I was on Terbutaline with Noah for a few weeks from like week 33-37 or something like that. Yeah … electrified jello basically sums it up, but, for me, after a few days the jumpy feelings faded a little. Hope you have the same reaction, er, non reaction.

    Take care Mama 😉

  21. So happy that they were able to stop your labor!

    We went into labor for our daughter for the first time at 24 weeks. With some terbutaline, they were able to stop it, thank goodness. I was put on partial bedrest and then complete bedrest within weeks. I had terbutaline in pill form to take at home and still had to go into L&D 10 more times! When they finally took me off bedrest at 36 weeks, she decided to stay put and arrived one day before her due date.

    I’m hoping that your little one stays put too!

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