What I have learned from 48 hours of bedrest.

First up laying around doing nothing in bed makes you tired…what the ham sandwhich is that all about? I did nothing. I took four naps. And yet? Exhausted. This is ten kinds of wrong, shouldn’t I be all well rested and cheery? Instead I’m all pasty and puffy with circles under my eyes and a package of Reese’s Mini peanut butter cups crumpled next to my head.Β Empty of course.

How I Met Your Mother is on all.the.time. I happen to be happy about this because I like the show but never get to watch it. I believe I have now seen every episode within the last 48 hours and can now declare that Marshall and Ted are the cutest couple on tv. The end.

Criminals on tv dramas are stupid. So stupid they are stoopid. Like I’ve seen more episodes of Law & Order SVU (Detective Stabler…yum) and Bones (David Boreanaz. Strangely hot even with that cromagnum brow!) in the last two days than ever before and the criminals always get busted by their shoes. Shoe prints. And even better, the criminals are ALWAYS wearing the same shoes they murdered they victim in! Even when it’s a cold case! Sheesh people. Get rid of your shoes. Even if they are cute (which they never are on these shows). If it’s not shoes it’s clothes. I’m trying not to focus on this but it’s difficult. Luckily Detective Stabler and whatever David Boreanaz’s character is named help distract. Cute boys FTW!

The Boss is having a tough time you guys. He keeps trying to fix me with his little toy tools. It’s so precious but it breaks my heart because oh my god he just wants to be held and more than anything in the world he wants to boo. And the doc says NO BOO-ING! We didn’t get to have a ceremonial last nursing session. Just done. Over. I am so sad about it. It’s hard to feel like I am being a bad mommy to The Boss by trying to be a good mommy to Baby2ElectricBoogaloo. There’s just no way to feel like I’m winning in this situation. None.

Luckily the family is keeping him entertained. Today he got to go to Guitar Store and then off to Auntie Keek’s for some good old fashioned dress up.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a little better for my poor little guy!

I’m blaming the randomness of this post on my extreme exhaustion. You know, from all the sleeping.

p.s. all of you fabulous SITSGirls? You made me so happy…overwhelmed fo sho but so happy! I am going to do my best to visit every single one of you!!

34 thoughts on “What I have learned from 48 hours of bedrest.

  1. When I was on maternity leave, I watched TBS pretty much all day and night. I saw all manner of crazy TV shows, but I also got to watch Saved by the Bell every morning which made me pretty happy. πŸ™‚ So sorry about your nursing, though!

    • Saved By the Bell!! My husband is Zach and his sister is Kelly. (Born before SBTB) but still they got a lot of teasing! I love that show!

    • ooohhhh Donna! When I was living in LA sometimes Shemar Moore would just waltz into the gym where I worked out and get his lift on. Delicious. That man….is just hand sculpted by God, right? He’s so handsome!

    • I used to watch CSI religiously since I went to college with Eric Szmanda but you are so right, it was the same dang plot every time!

      • I did go to acting school in Los Angeles so just statistically it was boung to happen! I didn’t really know him at all, we had dance class together and I think that was it…but I watched just to support!

  2. i totally need to give how i met your mother another chance.

    big, giant hugs to you. know that you are doing the right thing, even though it is tearing you apart. mom guilt is the worst kind. for reals. be easy on yourself and focus on how long the boss had a chance to boo and how loved he is and how wonderful of a mother you are to him. and then reflect on the fact that the same love the boss has been getting, you are now giving to baby2electricboogaloo. you have some seriously lucky boys on your hands.

    j so loves to play dress up. it’s a shame you live so far away, i think the boss and j would be great friends and have a blast together. not to mention the fact that i would love to hang with you. or dote on you while you are on bed rest!


    • I wish you lived closer too! That would be so fun and I’d just love to see J and M play together. They are so close in age and so alike in personality! Just move here, ok?

  3. I SO know what you are talking about. I had 19 weeks of bedrest when I was pregnant with my triplets. I was exhausted all the time.

    Then again, maybe it was my 3 parasites sucking the life out of me. πŸ˜‰

  4. Okay- now this is SO wrong for me to say…. but can I privately admit that I am just a little but jealous of you being on forced bedrest? Seriously- it’s kind of a mid-day fantasy that I have…. like every day….. someone telling me….”Sharon- you just need to go an lay down- NOW- for like 4 days- and no getting up, okay? I’ll just bring you dinner in bed… AND I’ll take care of this kids… no protesting- just go ON now and DO it!”

    And then poof- the daydream is over- and I’m back to my crazy life….

    Sorry for my fantasy digression….. I am thinking about you and wishing you well- congrats on the SITS post yesterday too! And take care of yourself and baby boogaloo too!

  5. Bedrest always sounds like bliss …. until you’re in the middle of it! But I’m with Sharon on this one … it is a recurring daydream for me, too. πŸ™‚

    So sorry … and hoping you get to be up and around soon.

  6. I became addicted to Perry Mason when I was on bedrest – it came on all the time when I was confined at 30 weeks with my twins. And yes, bedrest made me tired too – never quite got that one. Although, i did get busted for not doing bedrest correctly. Resulted into a second trip to the hospital to stop labor at 33 weeks, and that horrible mag sulfate over a few days. Not a pleasant thing, but it did keep me on the straight and narrow. Ended up on my side for the duration – followed all of the orders to a “T” so these little critters didn’t come too early. Glad to see you smiling though! And thank goodness for TV today (and Netflix instant streaming) – much better than really old Perry Mason reruns. πŸ˜‰

  7. Bed rest sucks… no doubt.. been there, done that, got the sleep shirt!.. As for the end of Boo-ing.. as the mother of 6 I have spent a lot of time nursing… in fact 12 years!.. and two times I had to stop due to pregnancy complications so I totally understand. Both times personal BOOer was NOT happy but seemed to get the point after I put band-aids on the BOOs and told them they they were broken. Even as a 2 year old my little ones understood that band-aids meant “owies”.. this made it a little easier to understand and not be upset and the coming baby for taking away their BOOs. As a side note.. both went back to BOOing when baby came and I tandmen nursed them for almost a whole year each time.. so it is very doable if that would be your goal or situation!

    Take care!

    Maddie- the D.A.

  8. So sorry Stephanie, you seemed to be feeling great the last few weeks – doing all that pretty redecorating and painting – I personally thought you were nesting! I’m sorry you’re not able to do with you little guy like your used to, that just sucks!!! I know how much you like being a mommy and its miserable when you can’t do it all! Hang in there, this too shall pass and pretty soon you will be busier than ever. We love you guys and miss you all! Beth

  9. Glad to hear B2EB is calming the freak down! No more scaring mommy before you even come out young man!

    Sorry Bossman is having such a hard time 😦 Have you considered joining one of the online breastfeeding support groups like The Leaky B@@b on FB? They might have some tips on how to comfort little man when you abruptly have to stop Boo’ing.

  10. I have never watched, that show, even heard of it. I’ll have to check it out! (as soon as it comes out on instant play on Netflix. Lets cross our fingers that’s soon.)
    And yo, you can do it! Pregnancy is like a 9 month long MARATHON, sometimes, I think! Here’s to cheerin’ you on!!!

  11. Oh I so remember this. My little ones were 18 months when I started bedrest with my youngest and it was awful. I felt so bad that I couldn’t do everything for them. I wanted to pick them up, carry them around, do everything they were used to me doing and instead all I could do was lay there and let other people take care of them. It is so hard when you are in the middle of it. Pretty soon it will be over and you will have years of doing everything for both of your boys ahead of you.
    You’re doing great!

  12. Chiming in very late but have to relate that I feel a lot of the time like one one is getting his/her needs met (as I schlep the baby to her brother’s preschool when she just wants to nap, or I leave brother alone while I put her down for a nap). But I came along 9 years after my closest sib and was plopped in front of the TV all the time and never learned any give and take. At least they see me trying and are getting early experience at compromise!

  13. Sorry about the bedrest thing but at least you have plenty of blogs to check out thanks to SITS. (Oh and th oh-so-delicish detective Stabler!) I’m all about accentuating the positives!

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