yo yo ma is kind of a bad a$$.

I’ve been upgraded from bed rest to “take it easy…but really lay down as much as possible” rest and yay! I can now move from the bed to the couch and get up and do crazy things such as shower, and change the sheets. But then I need a nap. Because showering is exhausting these days, and not just because of my girth. I am still contracting away, and some of them are downright buggers! They gave me a nice set of rules to follow in case they go to the dark side, but as for now I’ve been reassured that I won’t deliver in the next two weeks. I go back then for another painful poking and prodding exam and ultrasound. So that’s the update there…just hoping to keep Baby2ElectricBoogaloo a cookin!

Anyway…TOTT sent me this video because a. I love the cello and b. as an ex-dancer i love me some crazy awesome moves.

I present to you Yo Yo Ma and Lil Buck in a dual improvisation.(if you don’t think this is cool…well, we can still be friends. I mean I am sure that some of you are having to overlook that I thnk MacGruber is hilarious. So let’s just all respect each other’s choices, okay?) Make sure you watch till the end where Lil Buck gets himself in such a position that would surely win him an Adult Video Award were he a female. And a porn star. Dude…the mind reels at the flexibility.

Ok, that is awesome, right? It’s called jookin’, or Memphis Jookin’ which I know  because I am chock full of street cred. I want to do that! How amazing is he? I’m checking my local gym because surely jookin is the next Zumba.

Lose the baby weight by jookin’…Sign me up.

10 thoughts on “yo yo ma is kind of a bad a$$.

  1. My six year old said, “That’s not amazing moves…that is not real dancing.” Ha, I guess I need to get him more exposed to various forms of movement:)
    It was super cool.
    Now where are the preggo pictures? Where is this adorable girth you complain about? I am sure on your tiny frame that it is just a cumbersome bump. Regardless of the size though- I feel for you! Even when I was 5 months I felt like I was sooooo done. But I think your readers would like to see at least one preggers picture with your other little guy beside you:)
    Hope you continue to recover.

  2. That was RETARDED!! As in amazing. HOW does anyones body do that, EVER? I thought it was far prettier than ballet.

    However, here is my question. What kind of wierd gig was that? People all in suits and ties, all swankidy dank and randomly….we’re gonna have Yo Yo FREKING Ma and a jooker perform. RANDOM!

    Yeah, so thanks for sharing. Loved it. Also…you’re adorable in all your bedrest glory. I spoke with Max and asked if he wanted to go out onthe circuit, spread the potty training gospel. He kindly declined. Guess you and your Max are outta luck. SO SORRY!

  3. That was frigging awesome.. but I swear I thought his ankle was gonna snap in two at a few points.. and talk about one classically trained street dancer.. crazy ass combo of moves…

  4. Made me laugh out loud….I guess I can be lamo and type – LOL!
    Hoping and praying you are doing well and not letting the current circumstances get you down!
    You could be back in Ohio were the high temp tomorrow will be 51 and on Monday it will be 84! Stupid midwest!

    • I seriously don’t know how you do it! And the people in Ohio are so nice! But the whole time I was there it was grey and cold and cloudy and they wanted Max on vitamins so he didn’t get ricketts. RICKETTS! You’re a strong woman, I was so desperate for sun the whole time I was there. Think you guys are there forever?

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