An Interview with The Boss…. HAPPY EASTER!

In case you’ve ever wondered about the mysterious Easter Bunny, The Boss spills the beans. (jelly?)

Few of you know this…but TOTT and I almost didn’t get married. It’s true. We almost never met, never fell in love, he almost never proposed, we almost never had a ceremony at the beautiful Mission Inn, we almost never had Max.

Because TOTT almost fell prey to this evil, obviously some sort of predator that Chris Hanson should bust for something Easter Bunny.

Seriously. Easter Bunny of Death.

19 thoughts on “An Interview with The Boss…. HAPPY EASTER!

  1. Yeah, I generally find the Easture Bunnys creepy. We avoid. I’m fairly sure my max knows NOTHING of the Easter bunny as we have not even talked about it. However, my Max DID love your Max in the interview. He watched intently and then said “AGAIN”. And then quickly turned his attention to his need to see Little Einsteins. haha
    Oh, and can I please have your lucious green backyard there? Jealous!

    Happy Easter!

    • You can HAVE our backyard! It is sloped so dramatically it’s practically useless, except it is great for photos and videos! We can’t put a swingset in it or anything!

  2. The Easter Bunny lives in Ohio! HILARIOUS! thats one cute kid, good thing that crazy evil bunny didnt get the best of your hubby!

  3. wow, thank goodness that crazy easter bunny did not eat/off tott!! i mean, if he had, i would have never known the easter bunny lived in ohio! the boss, he’s amazingly adorable. i want to know what was so important off screen that he was itching to go do.

    so, so, so, so CUTE.

  4. Creeper bunny!!
    On the Catholic thing…girl I am sooo with you! Don’t let man made rules direct your relationship with God. God excepts us all…women, gays, skinny minnies, fatty’s, sinners, men, YOU NAME IT!
    God knows your heart !
    Have a great Easter tomorrow!

  5. “He DOES”… gosh.. your Max is adorable and what awesome timing!!!! Must be from the parents.. and Ohio…. sooooo cute!!!!!! He is looking so grown up!

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