Royal Wedding?? Ours were just as gorgeous. Right? RIGHT????

Okay, I said I wouldn’t drink the Royal Wedding Kool Aid, but I SO DID!!!

It all breaks down to the fact that I want to see Princess Diana’s boys happy. (much like I want to see Jennifer Anniston happy!)And Kate Middleton is like right out Hollywood casting of what a Princess should be.

But you know what got me? It wasn’t the pomp and circumstance, it wasn’t the carriages and guards. It was how Prince Harry reportedly told the groom “Wait till you see her!” It was the way Prince William whispered to her at the altar “you look beautiful”. The way they giggled. The way he awkwardly took her bouquet to help her from the carriage. The way she said “Oh wow!” when she saw all the people as they stepped out on the balcony. The way they blushed as they decided on a second kiss just to please the cheering crowd.

So normal. So darling. In the midst of this whole giant international frenzy then managed to be just a bride and just a groom together.

Of course this made me think of how TOTT and I giggled as the string quartet kept playing FOREVER even after I had reached the altar. The way just as we were about to tear up at our vows my darling Godson Ben(WWJD’s gorgeous boy) started to blow raspberries and it cracked everyone up! How we shared whispers and small laughs at the altar….

How loved we felt to be surrounded by so many of our family and friends. Turns out a Royal Wedding has a lot in common with the weddings of us commoners.
Who’da thunk it?

And this made me want to stare at my own wedding pictures. Will I ever be that thin again? I know I’ll never be that botoxed! The nurse went a leeeetle overboard. I couldn’t move my eyebrows! This was a great distress to me, as I am an eyebrow actor.

And that made me want to see your photos! Toss one up on your blog right quick, or if you have awedding or anniversary post link that!

I want to see. Do it!

Please link back here if you’re participating so others can join the fun!

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30 thoughts on “Royal Wedding?? Ours were just as gorgeous. Right? RIGHT????

  1. Oooh, so wish I could get my act together and get some pics up on my blog! And to make it even harder–we had not one, but TWO weddings on back to back weekends. Maybe sometime today. But alas, my little dictator is screaming. Naptime is officially o-ver.

      • I did it–I posted my pics! It had been so long since I looked at my wedding pics. I’m glad I did though because it was nice to see what I looked like when I actually did my hair and makeup!

  2. Love this idea, your picture is gorgeous. I did the story of our engagement and added a wedding pic back when no one was reading my blog so thrilled to link up!!

  3. I got sucked in too–but I couldn’t stop thinking about how, if *I* was nervous on my wedding day having 75 people watching me, how on earth did Kate, er, I mean Catherine, handle having 2 BILLION without a nervous breakdown?

    I linked up an anniversary post from a few years ago with two of my favorite pics. And now I want to watch MY wedding video again….

    • LOVE IT! I agree. Everyone kept saying “I wish she hadn’t lost weight.” ummmm we all freak from stress of a wedding, much less marrying into the Royal Family!!

  4. I’m s’posed to be going to a royal wedding brunch this morning. Not gonna happen. BUT, I love your pic, and it really makes me want to see MORE pics, since I can’t really see your face that well. So, get on that. Post away. I would put up a pic of mine, but i won’t lie, I don’t really love my pics.

    But, you should totally go look at the wedding invite I showed on the blog today. You will LURVE it, ’cause you’re romantical and cool like that. And perhaps, if I can pull it together, I’ll track down a pic and post it.

  5. I linked to an OLD post but it’s the only one where there is just a picture of us from our wedding. All the others have more stuff – ha! We will be married 12 years in November… wow, time flies! Love your photo! And yes, I drank the Kool Aid too. they are just SO gorgeous as is all the pomp and circumstance! πŸ™‚

  6. This was just perfect!

    I’m planning on having a Royal Wedding post on Monday–I was up this morning & watching at 4:50 am and it was absolutely beautiful!

    I thought it was so amazing when he told her she looked beautiful! But I think my favorite part was when Kate (or the Duchess) started giggling after each kiss on the balcony!

  7. I wasn’t into it either, until Michael was up sick and I tuned in. What got me, when Prince William told Kate’s Dad, “this was just supposed to be a small gathering of family and friends.” A prince with a sense of humor? Love!

  8. Ahhh how much do I love your wedding photos?! And not just because I took them either. I just love them because I love them. That was a day filled with swoon. *happy sigh*

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