Am Huge.

Am huge.

DUDES! One month!! We made it one whole month of keeping Baby2ElectricBoogaloo in the belleh!! I’m supah jazzed about this because, duh, 34 weeks is way safer than 30, know what I mean? Plus it’s looking like this kid is staying put for a while longer. I’m happy with that, although I gots to admit that I am getting way uncomfortable!

My contractions really seem to be slowing down, I even went three whole days without one! But at other times, Holy Infant of Prague it feels like a vice is just squeezing me corset style. Guess what? That hurts like the devil and makes me want to howl at the moon like those werewolves in Twilight. (p.s. watched Twilight the other day and why? Just why? Why is ONE supernatural dude in love with Boring Bella, much less two? She’s sullen, monosyllabic, and doesn’t even attempt to be nice to your vampire parents when they make Italian food!)

So with one month of keeping this kiddo in we have also reached ONE MONTH OF NO COFFEE!!Β  I had to break up with coffee to keep this kiddo in, and it was so worth it. But it begs the question, do I chase the Green Mermaid (bucks) once I pop this kid out? Or stay clean and pure? And also, does this count as one miracle towards my sainthood? Miracle One…lives with mother in law and likes it. Miracle two…quit coffee. I think it it does.

Obviously the answer to the difficult coffee question is heck no! Once that epidural wears off someone bring me a Sugar Free Vanilla Soy latte STAT!

The Boss is suffering his own withdrawals. One month of broken boos. He asks every single day to nurse and every day I tell him the Doctor says the boos are broken and he responds “No I think he said they are fixed!” It makes me sad and happy all at the same time, and honestly I am kind of glad I never got to have that last boo-ing session, because I would have been a wreck. It was better this way, like the mean Russian woman who used to distract me with some outrageous statement before she ripped my lady biz hair free. I would never had willingly done it, but now it’s done oh hey! that’s great! So while I am pleased with the results of ripping off the boo-ing without warning, suddenly The Boss seems so…big. And cuddly! No one told me that he would get cuddlier! Mama likes.

I wonder when he will stop asking to nurse. And what sort of technicolor tantrum can we expect when he sees me boo the new baby? He is nothing if not dramatic.

No idea where he gets that from.

I predict many ice cream distractions and lots of new toys.


13 thoughts on “Am Huge.

  1. Hey girlie, you are looking great for 34 weeks! Glowing and perfectly pregnant!
    I am almost done with knitting up something special for Baby2ElectricBoogaloo. Email me your snail mail addy, willya?
    Also, I keep waiting for you to “friend” me on FB. I’m kinda getting a complex as I wait… πŸ™‚

  2. I told you this before but I’ll say it again – you’re gorgeous with that baby bump! Makes me wanna go out and get knocked up again hee! So happy the baby is staying warm in you.

    Coffee breakups are tough. I voluntarily did that when pregnant (could not drink hot stuff at all), and when I got back on it, I think I was high after the first sip.

    The boss is super cute too. Wonder where he got that from……

  3. Virtual friend….I live with my mother-in-law too! She actually lives with us :0)
    And…. I tried to give up the 5bucks for my 40 days of Lent….I wasn’t too successful. They somehow continue to get some of my hard earned money.
    You are looking FAB!!

  4. im a new reader love your blog πŸ™‚ you look so great! so glad you made it to 34 weeks and counting! i nursed while pregnant! i have to use the “my boob is yucky” (i put lemon juice on it lol) to get mine to stop.

  5. You are so lucky to just have all Belly1 I looked like an inflated whale at this point- you manage to look adorable … and you keep that zesty humor of which I am totally envious of. Wishing you a few more weeks of quiet contentment:)

  6. You look great, but I totally remember after 30 weeks I was just READY.TO.BE.DONE with it all. I hope The Boss doesn’t take it too hard with the new babe. It’s the biggest thing I worry about when I get around to having the second kiddo.

  7. You are too adorable for words. And you’re honestly not huge. I would know. I distinctly remember the end of my pregnancy. Can you say beached whale?

    Also, sainthood is overrated – GO FOR THE CAFFEINE! After one week of sleep deprivation, you will turn to the dark side. And it will feel so good.

  8. I believe your title should be “Am ADORABLE.” Really, it’s almost not right that one can be so perfectly pregnant and so cute at the same time. Glad that baby is still inside and doing well.

  9. You look absolutely beautiful!!!

    I agree with Allyson up there, your post title should be “Am Beautiful.”

    I want that ice cream cone!!!

  10. You are so stinking cute! Good job on keeping the little pea safely in the pod. Have you tried the big boy approach with The Boss and nursing? I had to do this when I was expecting my twins and my middle son was still nursing. I’m not sure he really cared about being a big boy but at least it gave him some kind of reference. Good luck.

  11. I have to agree with everyone else that you are completely adorbs. What was all that talk about not looking good with bangs several blog posts ago? Super duper cute. I’m jealous how young and glowing you are! You are like ~the model~ of how to look gorgeous whilst pregnant!

  12. sorry it’s taken me, like, 50 years to get in here to comment. that whole “get an email that contains the whole post” is awesome, but totally feeds the slacker that i am.

    i know i said this on fb, but dude, you look AH-mazing. for realz. absolutely gorgeous.

    hugs to you and the broken boos. j finally stopped asking for bah about 2.5 months after the last bah session. hubby went as far as to make up a song about how there was no more bah and that if j wanted more “milks” we’d have to go buy it from the store. it def helped with the drama when he was super jonesing for some bah time. which somehow was just a little more heart breaking for me.

    you and the no coffee business? hero status. that’s what you are.

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