Hold your horses…

{cupcake face}


On Saturday night I dyed my hair.

I know, epic revelation riiiight???

But here’s what happened. I realized that this might very possibly be the last hair dye before Baby2ElectricBoogaloo arrives. At the most I’ve got one more. ONE MORE.

I think Elle Woods said it best in her Broadway Musical Legally Blonde when she sang Oh my God, Oh my God you guys!

And so I did a full on panic, cuz duh….so much to do and no time to do it! Also? I’m not allowed to do it! Then we finally dragged the bassinet out of the garage and guess what? The freaking cover cannot be washed. Like, who designed this *cough First Years cough*?? I mean, babies pee and puke and other things and a gals gotta be able to rip off the whole ruffly shebang and toss it in the washer, n’est ce pas? It’s been in the garage since The Boss was 8 months old just absorbing all sorts of gas and chemicals! What kind of mother puts her baby in an unwashed, garage smelling bassinet? Did you guys have ‘the baby has no where to sleep‘ freak out? Related: Must get infant car seat.

Plus I need to finish two shelves, I’ve decided to junk the headboard I was working on because I totally hate it, and it’s not what I really want. So next weekend TOTT and I are making a headboard because I simply must have one before baby arrives. Must. AND I’ve got a bee in my bonnet that Max and Baby2 need their names up in their rooms. These names, obviously. must be on guitar shaped decorations.

Also, still haven’t found the perfect bedding for The Boss and I still need crib sheets etc (you know the crib needs to be perfect, even though Baby2 won’t be in it for ages!) and crap! the breathable bumper is the wrong color!!!!

And I want to make a mobile for over the crib. That he won’t sleep in for ages. Because he’ll be sleeping in a chemical laden, unwashed bassinet! I AM A TERRIBLE MOTHER! I can’t find part of the swing, and the bouncy seats actual seat has gone missing.

This all leads to me to one conclusion.

The last bit of pregnancy combined with bed rest has driven me insane.

Clearly I need more cupcakes.


7 thoughts on “Hold your horses…

  1. Breathe honey, breathe!! I don’t need to tell you this, seeing as you clearly survived the first time round with The Boss (and cute cupcake face picture by the way!. Everything will fall into place!

    If it’s any consolation, I had to give birth in another country, fly back 16 days post-partum, to a home I hadn’t been in for 2 months, with no crib and a yet-to-be-installed infant car seat, which we realized was too big for a newborn. All we had were, er, diapers. And we made it and I didn’t go insane.

    I totally didn’t get to nest, darn it. And cupcakes make everything feel better so go for it.

  2. Cupcakes FTW! They make everything better!

    You already have what Baby2ElectricBoogaloo needs most- your loving arms!

    Good luck- it’ll get done. Wish I lived out there- I’d hop on over and help you. Nothing like having complete strangers show up at your house, eh? But you did say you had cupcakes…..

  3. I did the exact same thing when my second one was about to make his appearance. Trust me, you are not the worst mother in the world and you ARE NOT the first woman to go through this exact same experience.

    Eat a cupcake and you will feel better. I always do. 🙂

  4. Hey lovely lady! If you need ANY help at all with any of the stuff you need done (i.e. Cooking, Baking, Cleaning, Moving heavy furniture, etc.) feel free to let me know. They boys are both in school during the day and I would love to help any way I can!

  5. Oh my gosh, so for my baby showers I got towels and like a buttload of baby body wash. Because I didn’t know the sex of the baby so nobody bought clothes.

    So I basically lost my shit and started wailing “my kid doesn’t have diapers or sheets or clothes” (other than the Patriots onesie I had bought for his/her homecoming). It was awful. I spent two weeks sobbing over Amazon.com and BabiesRUs.com reading reviews of how this sling would choke your baby and this carseat meant certain death. It was awful.

    May I just humbly recommend you consider ebay or Craigslist? I regret the amt of new crap we bought.

  6. Cracking UP because I remember vividly not purchasing the bassinet from that company because I had a panic over not being able to wash it.

    Man I really miss the sound of onesie snaps in the dryer…which has nothing to do with your post, but baby laundry thoughts begat other things one might wash associated with a baby and, well, there you go…the clanking sound. I miss that. Random.

  7. cupcakes. lots and lots of them.

    and i’m sending some hugs, because if i were you, i’d have lost my mind by now. your hero status has been raised even higher. cause for realz, this control freak would be fuh-reaking.

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