Tiny projects…like tiny bubbles, but not.

After our doctor’s appointment I was give the all clear to do ‘small things’ like go to Target for 30 minutes (yes, I asked. Target is that important) and paint for 30 minutes and then I have to rest again. The last two days have been great because I can actually play with The Boss for short bursts and honestly I missed that.

I also started knocking off a few of the small projects on my to-do lists. Right before I ended up in the hospital we had hit the flea markets and I got a great shelf for TOTT’s camera’s for one whole dollar. He wanted it really beat up and kinda dirty looking. Can do!Especially since it was in pretty bad shape and that horrible early 90’s forest green with a heart! You know i busted that heart part off right away!

{Stroller also makes excellent flea market shopping cart}

A good scrub, a couple of coats of Opps! paint I had some stain and some poly and it’s done! Total cost:1 buck. TOTT loves it! I need to work on the display a bit, but one project (albeit a tiny one) is DONE!
{sorry for the hispamatic shots. Where is my camera?}

It’s funny the color of the shelves is pretty much correct, but everything else…no.

Before I got pregnant I bought a shelf at GW thinking this will be great in a nursery for holding wipes/cream etc. I quickly painted it turquoise envisioning a little girl’s nursery in turquoise and red with a Jenny Lind crib (never mind the fact that we have a perfectly good very expensive crib!) and then of course, Baby2ElectricBoogaloo is all boy.


It hung on the wall for a while and I knew it would be something. So, I got a little bee in my bonnet and painted it a light yellow then distressed it so the turquoise showed through. Added an ivory rose drawer pull and now I am in LOVE!(It needs to be hung properly. I just popped it up on two nails that were already there for now. I can hang things, thankyouverymuch!)

I also finished another little chair for The Boss and Baby2. Cause you know Baby2 needs his own chair NOW.

My favorite find of the day though was something I’d been looking for for a long time. An old typewriter. When I saw this monster I couldn’t believe my eyes! I didn’t even attempt to negotiate the price I just handed over my FIVE BUCKS and ran like the wind! okay, TOTT put it in the stroller and took it to the car. It weighs a ton!
Of course it’s already been moved to the other dresser to make way for the teeeeeny newborn diapers I bought.


One of these days I will have a real place to decorate instead of cramming everything into our bedroom and The Boss’ room!

Today we are off to Home Goods to look again for great bedding for The Boss. I’m looking for some specific things for his room, which I really want done before Baby2 comes.

The inspiration for his room is this poster (which is on order! I can’t wait to get it!)

Baby2’s side of the room will match of course, until he lets us know what he’s interested in! Here’s hoping we find the right bedding and I can get everything in order!

linking to Primitive and Proper & Miss Mustardseed Go there. Look at the projects. Holy cow I get inspired!

8 thoughts on “Tiny projects…like tiny bubbles, but not.

  1. Seriously drooling over the vintage cameras and typewriter! And I love a great find at an even greater price. You worked your magic. And yay for being able to go to Target & do little projects, one at a time. Hope everything continues to ride smooth. :>

  2. after you’ve recovered and baby2 and the boss have adjusted, could you come visit and like, decorate and stuffs for me?

  3. LOVE the vintage camera’s.. and.. When I was at Ross the other day I saw some very inexpensive bedding with guitars all over it that seems like it would coordinate with the poster… I need to replace Alex’s construction themed bed… but they didnt have the comforter in a full….

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