Misplaced stress? I don’t mind if I do!

The day of our wedding, I suddenly had a freak out. My dress was strapless and the bridesmaids, well their dresses has spaghetti straps. Oh. Mah. Gah. When we tried them on at the store there had been some talk of cutting them off and just wearing the dresses strapless, but my gals are …shall we say, busty? so nothing ever happened with that. As we were getting ready to walk down the aisle, someone may have lost her fool mind and flipped out because the bridesmaids dresses had straps.

PEOPLE! Crisis! Did you hear me? The dresses. had.straps.

They asked to be allowed to wear the straps. I told them their request had been registered with the management but NO! I had taken off my manager’s hat and was wearing my Bridezilla tiara. Bless their gorgeous busty hearts, they dutifully tucked the straps in and walked down the aisle arms firmly pinned to their sides looking nervous as all get out that they were going to flash what the good Lord gave them right there and then in the house of the Lord. As a result, I have pictures of nervously smiling bridesmaids at the wedding, but the reception? when they put their straps on and relaxed? Happy, gorgeous dancing ladies! Hmmmm. Perhaps my nerves exhibited in a bizarre way?

Having a baby? is JUST LIKE THAT!

Here we are 36 weeks and in the free zone! Baby is good to arrive any day he likes now, but I don’t have time for that. I have to make a headboard. I mean HAD. Cause clearly, if you know me…the headboard has been made! TOTT was mindbloggled. We have so much to do, but me? I was hung up on the fact that I don’t have a headboard. How can I be an adult when I live in my husband’s childhood room and don’t even have a headboard??

I know you agree the tragedy of this was just too much to bear! I wanted something simple. Something that could be changed up at a later date, you know when I get new bedding or whatevs. Like a lot of decorating gals I like to switch schizz up on the regular. So. Home made upholstered headboard was the only choice. Duh.

TOTT wearily dragged my very pregnant self to good old Home Depot and I dictated what we needed! 30 minutes later after two of the most wonderful Home Depot employees went above and beyond to figure out how to cut the design I wanted in the wood (which is NOT their job, they just had a soft spot for a pregnant lady who needed a headboard!) we were on our way!

I followed the many blog tutorials and I have to say that if you’ve got about an hour and 50-60 bucks, you too can have a new headboard!

As I am cheap, I used a twin sized egg crate bed pad to be the foam. Then I doubled up quilt batting to give it a little extra oomph since I went the cheap route for foam. After that I trimmed it all up nice and neat and laid it on top of my fabric.

I used a dropcloth ala Miss Mustardseed, though bleach as I did I never got it quite white. Oh well! TOTT liked the nubby tan fabric and thought it looked a little more masculine, so win!

I used a little bit of Fabric Tac here and there on the cut outs just to help me get it really smooth. The second one I did is better than the first, but the first one? I a-ok too!

And here it is. The next morning, done!(you can also see the $4 dollar stool I redid as well to help The Boss off and on our bed!

My side:

And now, like my Bridesmaids I am all happy and relaxed. I mean, except for the other 20 million things I want to get done! Including this $3 mirror I got for over our dresser (which I want to re-do!)

It just needs to be hung, so as soon as TOTT gets home…he’s on it!


Linking to Cassie at Primitive and Proper and Marion at Miss Mustardseed

10 thoughts on “Misplaced stress? I don’t mind if I do!

  1. I love all your awesome DIY projects! I am very craft-challenged so this is all very impressive – especially since you’re 36 weeks pregnant (and yay! 36 weeks!). What else are you going to do? Aside from mirror.

  2. looks awesome! we made a head board a few months back, and your idea of using the twin size foam is BRILLIANT! we went all out and bought the 2 inch stuff from the fabric store. $145 later, JUST ON THE FOAM! luckily my fabric was cheap and so was the cotton batting, but it still ended up being like $190 (ours is a bit taller than yours though) If I was to make one again, I’m following your foam idea for sure! Looks awesome, love the corner details, way to go Home Depot employees!

  3. it looks amazing! and i have learned something today…. next time i need a little extra special something at home depot, i am stuffing a ball up my shirt and batting my eyelashes! 🙂

  4. I totally need a headboard! Are you for hire?
    I would try myself… but I can’t even sew a button. Really. I’ve tried.
    I’m so happy for your 36 weeks! Baby 2 electric bugaloo is going to be yummy and healthy. 😉

  5. LOVE IT! So proud of you and your crafty little self. Nice use of egg crate. So smart! But I think I might be mostly jealous of a THREE DOLLAR mirror of such coolness! Lucky girl! And finally…I feel ya on the worry over the stupid things, that’s how I roll.

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