On Demand.

The On Demand feature on both of these has been widely employed this past week:

{Tiny peanut!}

He seemed a great deal bigger when he was in here:

Forgive me taking the week off last week. I was, y’know, in the hospital until  Wednesday and all sore and drugged up the rest of the week. Plus I really just wanted to snuggle my boys (my.boys! boys! two boys! mine. ALL MINE!)  and tweet silly Percoset induced tweets, while watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Tell me, you’re watching the crazy right? My summer is made with that show and the new addition of Ice Loves Coco. You guys? I think Ice really does love Coco. *wipes tear*

We are settling in, and I am working on Huck’s birth story today, what I remember of it. I am missing a big chunk of time but it’s okay. He is here safe and sound and that is all that matters.  And THE BOYS? Are getting along famously. The Boss is amazing. Just amazing. We’ve had a few little jealousies, but far and away he wants to hold, kiss and play with his baby brother. I think the picture from their first meeting says it all:

Huck hadn’t opened his eyes yet. Not once. Until The Boss came in the room and said “Hi Baby Huck” really softly and what do you know? Huck opened those baby blues and looked right at The Boss. The entire family pretty much died of cute right then.

As for me, I am sore but happy. Tired but euphoric. But if someone could please tell my right boob that we only had ONE baby it would be greatly appreciated. I’m currently rocking one left boob that is just the right size, and one right boob that looks like Coco’s. And it hurts. A lot. I resemble a badly botched boob job, and in fact I’d take a picture but that would mean getting dressed. Or just posting pics of my junk on the internet for all to see and since I am not a Senator or Congressman I’ll spare you. ( I mean except for the belly shot…belly shots don’t count right?)

I’m sure you can imagine. But there is hope for me, I mean if Ice really does love Coco, and I think he does…TOTT can surely put up with my freakish appearance for a while, non?

And also there is this…

{power to the tiny people}


And he is SO worth it. So, so worth it.


28 thoughts on “On Demand.

  1. Glad your back, I kept waiting for an adorable story from you, and you are right, he looked ALOT bigger when he was in your belly!!!! He is absolulty as precious as your first!!! They are adorable together – Enjoy, they’ll be all grown up before you know it. Love and kisses from Hamilton!!!


  2. Congrats! Man it’s hard to remember when they are that small. My 6 month old is already a bruiser at 18 pounds but he was a tiny man at 7 pounds!
    SO CUTE!

    • Thank you! I had totally forgotten they were so tiny! Especially because my belly was so big, and yet here is this tiny little peanut. So precious!

    • So far so good! I think pregnancy insomnia and a toddler who never.sleeps. has prepared me well! Plus, I have good pain drugs, so that’s nice too!

  3. It makes sense that you might have engorgement problems after the Boss, because with each successive pregnancy your body grows more milk ducts. Some women who couldn’t successfully nurse their first often have more luck the next time around- with more experience and more milk ducts! So it sounds like Ms Right had quite a growth spurt.

    Have you tried cabbage leaves? It sounds wacky, I know, but I’ve heard it works. I’ve never tried it myself. You chill some cabbage, lightly crush a few leaves, and wear them in your bra. It’s supposed to help with engorgement, but if overused can reduce your supply.

    Good luck, and I’m anxiously awaiting that birth story!

    • Well that makes sense. Plus I only weaned Max 8 weeks ago, so I think the ‘boos’ remember, and think they have a new baby plus a toddler to feed. They don’t. I might send TOTT out for cabbage leaves, thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Oh, that first meeting of the sibling is indeed precious. Maggie was so darn adorable when she met Max for the first time. So sweet and soft. Hmmmm, wish that woulda stayed, come to think of it. Anyway, Huck is adorable and I’m so happy he’s here and you’re enjoying life as a family of FOUR now.

    As for the boob trauma…I got nothin. I already had unnaturally big knockers, and wouoldn’t ya know it. They didn’t want to produce any milk for my babies. Big boobs, no milk. It was lame! So, good luck with that.

    • yeah, here is hoping it stays like this! I’m sure we will have some issues, but so far so good. This morning he told me “mommy, I just love baby Huck so much”

      and then I died.

  5. “Power to the tiny people” Oh my cuteness! And that is one of the best sibling meet tales I’ve heard in awhile. Such a sweet memory to hold on to.

    And best of luck getting the right side to agree with the left. Oh the tales of pregnancy and nursing that Mamas have!! :>:> Thanks for sharing your uber cutes ones with us!

    • I’m so thrilled it’s going so well! Since Max has been the center of the universe it could have gone horribly wrong, but so far so good!

  6. Oh swwwoooon!! Congratulations on your two beautiful boys! I teared up a little at Huck opening his eyes for his big brother – so sweet!

    When Ruby did that one fisted salute, we used to say “Power to the baby people!” So funny!

    • It was so sweet, as soon as Max said hello to him he opened hit little eyes and sighed. I’ll never forget it as long as I live!

    • He is delicious, I can attest to that. He is barely a little snack, but I’m happy to share! May I suggest the little toes? A delicacy for sure!

    • I have to admit I LOVE being a mom to boys! Sure I wanted a girl, but my boys are just…perfect! WISH I had four!!! You’re so lucky!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Huck is beyond adorable and I adore the pictures of Max with him… absolute perfection!!!! enjoy it… it really does go by way too fast,.. but watching siblings is really amazing… Hope you are doing well and hot showers can help with sore boobies!

    • Thanks Jenna! I really hope they are friends. Max seems to really love him so far and Huck just stars at Max as if he is the most amazing thing ever. Which of course he is! 🙂

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