Oh you sweet talker, you!

The Boss gently took my hand in his and smiling sweetly said “Mommy you’re my favorite princess!”

I smiled right back, my heart melting at the innocence and love in his eyes. I told him he was my favorite prince. He brought my hand up to his face as if to kiss my it. How can an almost three year old make my heart go pitter pat as he does? It was so precious. So wonderful. I wanted to stop time and memorize this moment.

Then he stuck my finger in his nose saying “Mommy I have a boogie way up there. Get it, get it, get it.”

And I did.

Ah, Motherhood.

12 thoughts on “Oh you sweet talker, you!

  1. Don’t you just love it all though? The cupping of your face with their tiny hands and your heart melts, followed swiftly by having to clean their poopy tush?

    Motherhood, it’s all good.

    Love the picture, he will be a heartbreaker.

    • Oh I will wipe that tushie, pick that nose, clean those dirty fingers…whatever. I LOVE IT! The smiles and sweetness are worth every stained shirt I have, as my profession is now Tissue and Napkin for the Boss.

    • It’s part of the Princess training, don’t you know? Cursty, smile, Royal Wave….pick a toddler booger. I’m going to be instructing Kate Middleton soon…

  2. Mine has a habit of giving me the sweetest kisses, saying “I wuv you” and then promptly poking my eyeballs out. She learned the Spanish word “ojo” for eye and so she jabs and screeches “ojo.”

    Still doesn’t erase the I wuv you. Never will. Plus it may keep me sane when I go blind to be able to hear her sweetness a little.

  3. This is mostly the age of toddlers that shows sweetness to their mom.
    I hope they’ll never change when at they’re teenage life.. i wish my boys too.

    • I try to memorize it so I can bring it back up when he is 15 and say “Mo-om! Get out of my room!” Or even worse”I hate you!” because I will cry when he says that.

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