My invisible friend doesn’t like you either!

“look Huck, John guitar is on sale at guitar store”

The Boss has an invisible friend. His name is Piss. Yeah, you heard right. For weeks TOTT and I kept saying “Pierce?” And the Boss would say “No! PISS!” as if we were the two stupidest humans he had ever dealt with, which very well might be the case. Sometimes Piss is very, very big. Sometimes he is tiny. Sometimes he plays guitar in the band and sometimes he plays bass.  Sometimes he eats lunch with us, and sometimes he cuddles in bed with us as we read our good night books.

I always make sure to say hello to him and ask him how he is, once I am informed that he is in fact with us, as I am an adult and can no longer see the invisible friends of our little ones. Apparently my warm welcome has gone unappreciated.

One day while watching the stoners-are-now-making-tv-shows piece de resistance Yo Gabba Gabba The Boss gleefully squealed “There’s Piss! Piss is on TV!” Quickly I tuned in to what I had been trying to tune out just a split second ago and who do I see but Biz Markie. “OH!” I say “BIZZ!” and The Boss says “Yes! PISS!” in an all to annoyed teenager tone.

It’s true. My son’s invisible buddy is this cat right here:

Biz Markie – Just A Friend by rikma



For some reason I find this hilarious. My kid’s imaginary friend isn’t a big bunny, or a cartoon firefighter, but instead a rapper! Mostly I am thankful that the mystery of Piss has been solved!  The Boss and Piss sometimes rap, they play guitar.

But no matter how many times I invite Piss to dinner it makes no difference. The Boss has informed me that Piss doesn’t like me. He likes Daddy and Huck. He likes grandma and grandpa….but not me.

Fine Piss. My imaginary friend doesn’t like you either!

16 thoughts on “My invisible friend doesn’t like you either!

  1. He is the coolest little dude ever. One of my favorite authors of all time is Cecilia Ahern and she has one book about imaginary friends. It is so awesome. Of course, I have always been obsessed with imaginary friends as I never had one but after seeing Drop Dead Fred, I immediately felt that I had missed out on something wonderful.

    • Drop Dead Fred! I love that movie! I can’t remember if I ever had an imaginary friend, I’ll have to ask my mumsy. Cecelia Ahern…I’ll check her out!

  2. My son’s imaginary friend is a snail. He lives with his parents and new brother at a house near ours and visits every day.

    I love that he has an imaginary friend but it does get tiring when you put a hat on and get yelled at as Snail can’t see… (yip he was sitting on my head)

    Your son sounds really cool! Love his imagination 🙂

    • Well, really! How COULD you put a hat on??? Poor Snail. I love it! I am in such awe of their imaginations, it’s so fun to watch them invent and explore isn’t it?

  3. That is so freaking funny! And I think I would have preferred to never find out that really it was Biz, not Piss! ‘Cause piss is just, well, funny! Love that Boss has an invisible friend. My kids never have done such “cool” things like that.

    • Allyson I read your blog, your kids do totally cool things! And I agree, I thought Piss was hilarious! It was so wrong it’s right.

  4. Well, piss off, Piss if he doesn’t like you. Some big brother resentment going on, huh? 🙂

    That is hilarious, though. Wee Burb kept pointing to dogs and saying “poo poo.” Turns out our roommate was teaching her “poodle”.

  5. LOL! I have a feeling he may end up like our son and have more than one imaginary friend before it’s over with. The name is hilarious too!

  6. My sister had an imaginary friend named Jewelry… which later came with her sister and brother– Jolie and Gigenheimer.

    I also had imaginary friends but from what I recall– the main two were Catra and Adora (I was a She-Ra fan apparently…)

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