The thing about this guy…

The thing about this guy right here:

is that he is pure awesomesauce. Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog tails? Not this guy! He is made of little coos, snuggles and big old truck driver burps and farts that send The Boss into hysterical cries of “Tootie booties! Huckie had a tootie bootie!” followed by fits of laughter.

While The Boss never slept, this little angel has given me at least one 4 hour stretch every night since his birth. *knocks on wood, throws salt over shoulder, spins around to the left 3 times and spits* He does not like to be put down. Ever. Maybe for a little bit in the swing. And okay, at night in his little bed he is okay as long as he’s swaddled. But during the day? If he is awake? Oh you please, please, please PICK ME UP! He cries. And as soon as he is ever so gently against you all crying ceases and he is all smiles and coos and big truck driver farts again.

His favorite person in the world is me. Duh. I’m the milk truck. But besides his favorite food source, his very favorite person in the entire world is The Boss. And I’m pretty sure The Boss feels the same way. Every morning I go into get The Boss and we sing our morning song and after we are done he says “Let’s go see Huckie!” and he wraps his arms around his Snurf (aka Smurfette. Yeah, he got a Smurfette at Build A Bear and takes it everywhere, got a problem with that?) and hustles his little Lightning MacQueen training pantzed bootie into see his baby brother.

And this weekend, Baby Brother responded with his very first on purpose smile. So fitting it should be for The Boss. Just perfect.

I worried so much about how my heart would grow to love another. I worried about how The Boss would feel. I worried about everything. And let me tell you…it was for nothing. Huck was meant to be. He was meant to be ours. He was meant to be with us. He is completion. He is  heaven. He has healed us and brought us closer in ways I couldn’t have ever conceived of.

He is so kick ass I can’t stand it. It is PC to call a 6 week old baby kick ass? Cause he is. I’m in love. Different than my in love-ness with The Boss. But completely, swoony, gonzo in love with Huck. I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

I’m also slightly obsessed with his little feet and long monkey toes. Obsessed.

12 thoughts on “The thing about this guy…

  1. Love, love, love this even though it makes my ovaries ache and I’m all like, “if someone would just freaking hire me so I can get married, I’m making MB knock me up 2.5 seconds after we are pronounced husband & wife”.

    Baby Huckie has your sweet profile. I love the picture of him smiling at The Boss!

  2. Oh this post makes my heart so happy. I cant wait to have this second baby of mine, and for him or her to fall in love with their big brother! And of course, for me to fall in love all over again with an itty bitty baby!
    I love that The Boss is getting all the firsts, and laughs at the farts. Warms my heart! So happy for you and your handsome happy boys!

  3. That made me so happy to read. Ahhh. So over the mood for y’all. But also? A teeny bit jealous. Because I didn’t have that in the early days the second time around.

  4. I’m pretty sure I’m in love with him too. Just how you write about him, and the boss, and all things baby. SO GLAD that all is going well, and that he is the perfection you so deserve.

  5. This is such a sweet post. I am at the point now in my pregnancy with baby #2 where I’m worried about how I can love another, how my toddler will adjust to things, etc., so it helps to here that things went so smoothly for you. You give me hope that the same will happen for us! Your baby boy is just beautiful! Enjoy him!

  6. I’m reading with such interest and joy your accounting of this new little life. I just love the closeness, it’s one of the reasons that we’re planning our 2nd before Wee ‘Burb is 2.

    Also? Those toes are AWESOME! Wee ‘Burb had huuuuge feet when she was born. My husband said his first two thoughts when he saw her were “She’s perfect, my GOD look at those feet!”

    Her first footprint didn’t fit on the little sheet at the hospital.

  7. Love love love this. The pictures, your words, your love, SWOON. I love that he smiled for The Boss, I love that the Boss says tootie booties, I love that you’re in love.

    This is what I want when we add another to the mix. Fingers + toes crossed.

  8. It is the first time I visit your blog. I love the way you express your love for your two boys … and do not worry you have enough love for both. I feel just like you the only difference is that my daughter is 21 years old, but even so sometimes I feel that she is a little jealous that all the attention now is for the baby.

  9. When my friend returned from living in China, she dubbed me the milk truck, claiming that this is the direct translation of the Mandarin word for breastfeeding. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but referencing yourself as the milk truck made me laugh out loud, and brought back some great memories. Second children are incredible. Just like first.

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