seventeen again

It’s true! Today I feel like I am seventeen again. I am reliving my teenage years, but without all the girl drama and eating disorder nonsense. I feel seventeen again!

Of course, it could be the tube of zit cream I just bought.

Now where is that Zac Efron…

3 thoughts on “seventeen again

  1. OMG – I am totally laughing. Not at you of course ..with you because 1) I get the monthly giant zit too in random facial locations 2) I think Zac was kinda dreamy in the 17 again movie (not HSM movies!)

    Hang in there!!!

  2. Zits suck the big one. And not to be dramatical, or ruin your day, but I’m STILL getting them and I’m thirtyfreakingeight years old. One would think we’d out grow the bastards. But, no, just NO! Sorry for your unicorn horn. But, I’m sure Zac finds it sexy, so no biggy.

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