I have a crush on your husband.

I have a problem. I have a crush on your husband. Yes, yours. Actually, I’ve got a crush on many of your husbands. They are just…just…adorable! Funny hipster husbands. Man about town husbands. Handy man husbands. I’ve got blog husband crushes.

I know we all put forth the best part of our marriages. I mean if we blogged oh my God my husband is such a lazy ass I can’t stand it! He’s just laying there watching sports again. He’s been there for hours and he wants ME to get him another beer? Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t I have to go take care of your screaming child! well, we wouldn’t be married for very long would we? (Also, TOTT wants me to tell you that I never, ever feel like that about him. Ever. He wants you to know that.) Let’s just take a moment to be thankful that our husbands don’t blog about us in our worst moments, shall we? I know I’m thankful. But even with us selectively representing our men, let’s face it! Your husbands? Are adorable.

Really, if we are being completely honest, it’s kind of your fault. You’re always posting pictures of him playing with adorable children, and redoing your bedroom. He really should have been wearing better shoes than flip flops while doing reno though. But that story about the ER trip after he smashed his toes while doing said reno and wearing flip flops was huh lar ree us. So I guess it was worth it. Plus, the new built ins are fab, Please send him over here to do some work on my place. I’ll make lemonade. You come too of course, we’ve lots to chat about.

You musn’t  worry, I’m no Angelina! I’m not a man eater. I’m not a husband stealer. I quite like the husband I have, thank you very much.  I don’t actually want to date your men. I won’t flirt with them if we ever meet. It’s just…It’s just I’ve got a crush on them. Much like a crush on a celebrity. Or a t.v. character. Yes! That’s it. I crush on your husbands the way I crush on Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. {Are you watching this? You should. Hilarious!  Lily wears the cutest outfits, good inspiration!  And of course the aforementioned Marshall a.k.a. Jason Segel. The only reason People magazine hasn’t declared him sexiest man alive is that clearly someone on staff is eaten alive with jealousy.} So have no fear! But You’re my friend so I just thought I ought to be honest with you.

I have a crush on your husband.

11 thoughts on “I have a crush on your husband.

  1. You crack me up. But whose specifically are you talking about? C’mon, out with it. I will say, I have an extra crush on my husband right now too. He’s currently rockin it as “man in the chair” in Drowsy Chaperone and he’s impressing me with his amazingness.

  2. I love this post! Especially after having a baby We tend to forget about our husbands, at least put them in the background … Let’s remember that children grow up and guess who will be with you then? your hubby .

  3. I have to browse blogs for my job, and let me just say, finding your blog was such a pleasant surprise! Keep up the good stuff!

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