To The Boss on His THIRD Birthday.

My sweet precious boy,

Last night I kissed you just like Mrs. Bear does in your favorite nighttime book and I slipped out the door as you quickly passed out, your sweet lips whispering about meeting Ernie and Abby Cadabby barely making it through the words before you fell silent. I kissed you goodnight for the last time as my two year old. This morning I must start telling people I have a three year old.

You woke happy, and sang our morning song of Dear Prudence just like all the days of your second year, and we cuddled in your bed for just a moment while you allowed me to smother you with kisses. This year I am acutely aware that the number of birthdays where you will allow me to crawl in your bed and kiss you like a crazy person are dwindling. Three years has gone so fast, surely the next three will go just as fast, and then the next three and suddenly you will be nine. You’ll start saying no to my requests for kisses and snuggles. It’s what I want more than anything, to raise you to be strong and independent. If I’ve done my job right you’ll need me less and less. The only problem is that my need for you won’t diminish. I don’t mean I’m dependent on you, but you won’t know until you have a child of your own how your smiles fill my heart. Your laugh makes my soul soar. When you are sad and I am the one you want, I am heartbroken because you are sad but pretty sure that the moment you fall into my arms and your world is right again…I’m pretty sure that right there is what heaven feels like.

Today you are three. Far more a boy than a baby, even if you still refer to yourself as “Baby”. You have a wicked sense of humor and a memory that keeps all of us in check. If we mention swimming, by God we better go swimming! Mention the guitar store and dangit! we better head to the guitar store. You remember who said what at all times and in pure child like fashion take the most embarrasing opportunity available to call us on something.

Daddy had a tootie booty, indeed!

I mourned the loss of your only childhood. Our you and me time. But you didn’t. You didn’t waste a second of time…the moment you set eyes on Huckie you declared him yours. You’ve opened your life up to him in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined and my biggest prayer is that you two will always be close. You make sure that when you need mommy time you get it. But your desire to share things with Huckleberry makes my heart sing. The same with the joy you greet Puppy Bear and The Great Catsby with every day. You want to include them in your play and I just find that is one of my most favorite things about you.

I’m amazed at the concepts you understand and the observations you make. “This is a medium tv” say wha???? How do you know this is a MEDIUM sized tv? I say. You respond “the one in Bob Bob’s room is Big and Kelly’s is little. This one is medium” You know all your colors and can count from 1-10 and count down from 10-1.  When we take you to see shows or concerts you pay rapt attention, and just when I am afraid you don’t like it you begin to participate. But the real show begins when the concert is over when you replay it in your head and perform it all for us. I’m astonished at the choreography you remember and the words to songs you have memorized just from seeing and hearing something once. And the things that are on heavy rotation in this house? The Beatles. Green Day? Forget it. You know it ALL. {Thankfully you have managed to mishear all the naughty words and that makes your rock shows even cuter}

You don’t like us to sing along. You sing, because you have the guitar. Or guitars. You will always chose a guitar toy over anything else. I am sometimes more your roadie than your mommy. I spend my days fetching George Guitar, Blue Electric and desperately trying to figure out which one of your guitars is John Guitar! I asked you what you wanted for your birthday and you said “a Rickenbacker”. I did’t even know what a Rickenbacker was! Now I know it was what John played and George used a 12 string Rick that JOhn picked out for him at the Savoy before they filmed Ed Sullivan. Your favorite chord ever, the opening to Hard Day’s Night was played on that Rick. I learned that from YOU. When you were TWO.

This blows my mind wide open.

I hope and pray that you always love music as you do now. Know that your father and I and your brother are in for the long haul. We’re on board. Guitar lessons, concerts, whatever…we will make it happen for you if that’s what you want.

I love your precious spirit, I pray that you will not be crushed by other children when you go to (gulp) school. You are kind and generous. You bring your best guitar to whomever is sad to help them feel better. You remember things people like and make sure to give it to them.

You are a typical 3 year old. You get tired and cranky and you attempt to manipulate. You say things like “Mommy I need candy, that will make me feel better!” when you cry. Whatever you want is suddenly your favorite. “I need french fries, it’s my favorite!” I try to remember every funny thing you say and yet by the time I go to write them down at night they have slipped through my brain. I wish I had your memory.

But know this, every day you are a joy to me. Every day I thank God that he has blessed me with you. I am astonished that I was trusted with such a beautiful, brilliant, funny, sweet soul to care for. I adore you. To the moon and back. I love all that you are and all that you will be. I love you and love you and love you and love you.

Happy Birthday Sweet Max. (aka Bug, Boss, Baby, Sugar Plum, Potato Bug, Sweet D, John, Paul, George, Ringo and Billy Joe)


7 thoughts on “To The Boss on His THIRD Birthday.

  1. WOW! What an absolutely beautiful birthday tribute. I’m a little misty and he’s not even my Max. And I’m fairly sure I’d never be able to write something so eloquent or joy filled. You are truly a fantastic Mom and Max is so lucky to have YOU!

  2. *BAWL* *SOB* you are so eloquent with your words and your love and admiration for your Max jumps off the page…… Happy Birthday Mr. Max and Mommy (and of course Daddy)… it is all such a HUGE accomplishment with many more wonderful years to come!

  3. Happy birthday Max! I’m late to this party because I was cruising through the high deserts of New Mexico and mountains of Colorado at the time, but this was so wonderful to read at the end of the trip. What a wonderful, beautiful, talented family! Lots of blessings on you all!

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