Two things you need for school. Kleenex and field trips. For. Sure.

When I think of field trips for some reason I always think of that scene in Billy Madison where the little boy wets his pants and Billy Madison totally takes care of him. I don’t know why, perhaps some long buried field trip memory? Maybe Sister Dub can verify if someone wet their pants on a field trip when we were wee. (see what I did there. oh, the wit!) Whether I just think Adam Sandler is sweet in that moment or it brings up a hidden childhood memory is kind of irrelevant because the point is this:

Field Trips ROCK.

Remember how excited we were to get out of the classroom and board that bus to the museum or planetarium or wherever we were headed? Those days were freaking fun, and we were learning all sorts of stuff without even knowing it.  Field trips, like so many things in our educational system, are beginning to go the way of the dinosaurs that our kids won’t get to see because…hello? No field trips.  Living in DC we have some crazy amazing museums and we go fairly regularly with visitors to see the Star Spangled Banner (don’t miss this if you’re in town. flat out amazing.) and of course with a two year old boy( OMG THREE!) we hit up the National Museum of Natural History on the regular. Dinosaurs are classic, they never go out of style. Plus Alex, Gloria, Melman and Marty all in the same room! Oh! How excited The Boss gets! Some kids parents don’t or can’t take them to museums, shows, planetariums etc. and the only chance those kids will get to see a giant squid is during a school field trip. That makes it extra sad that field trips are becoming fewer and farther in between for our kids. By the time The Boss gets to school they might not be doing them at all.

A couple of weeks ago I got an email asking me if I would like to attend the Kleenex Save The Field Trip event at the National Museum of Natural History with my DC Blogging friends. Oh yes, please. We had a docent give us a tour of the museum. The kids had a blast in the Discovery Room looking at x-rays and turtle shells. I could have spent an entire day in the Forensics Lab. How cow that exhibit is so cool. I must go back and see it again and read every single informational card. Just wow.  The Boss’ very favorite part was, of course, the bugs. We saw up close a tarantula as big as my head and a hissing cockroach! Some of the kids were braver than I sure am and held that big old dude.

{photo by techsavvymama aka my personal Jesus because she always saves me. Here she does it again since The Boss decided to show off how well behaved he was and basically act his age  thus, pics were scarce. Praise Leticia! PS that’s Michelle’s  daughter. Could she BE any more gorgeous? I think not.}

Then it was off to the Butterfly pavilion. Love. (check this giant sleeping moth. Look at the tips of his wings, they look just like snake heads! Camoflauge! So freaking cool. Of course all the boys the group thought this was extra cool.)

We saw the IMAX 3d movie about the Colorado River which was both astonishing and panic inducing, wow, our water is getting low kids. The Boss? Not ready for IMAX quite yet, so TOTT and I tag teamed so I could see the flicker and The Boss could skip it.

Our day ended with lunch in the atrium cafe, all the kids were d.o.n.e. they’d had so much fun!

We were invited to the museum as part of Kleenex Save The Field Trip Initiative

Here’s the deets on that: The Kleenex brand will award 100 schools a $5,000 award to be used toward field trips during the 2011 – 2012 school year. You can vote for your fav school OR enter your kids school so they can hang with T-Rex like we did back in the day:
Again photo by the amazing Tech Savvy Mama
  • Visit
  • Click on the “Back to School” tab at the top of the page
  • Vote for your favorite participating school    -or-
  • Register the school of your choice by clicking the “Add a School” box and filling out the registration form

Dude. Do it. How awesome would it be to help out a school that is struggling and give kids the chance to explore and experience like we did!

And the disclaimer:  #KleenexFieldTrips was coordinated by The Motherhood.  Admission to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is free (and it’s air conditioned which was awesomesauce in this heat wave) but our tickets to The Butterfly Pavilion and IMAX, as well as vouchers for lunch, were provided by Kleenex. And yes, I am receiving compensation for attending and writing about this campaign, but all opinions are mine and mine alone. Because really? Do you think they would be like hey! you should talk about repressed wetting your pants on a field trip memories! I don’t think so. Also? We had a blast. For real.

5 thoughts on “Two things you need for school. Kleenex and field trips. For. Sure.

  1. That is awesome! That moth creeps me out, though.
    You want to hear something sad? We’re cutting back on field trips not because of funds, but because of time. Too much “essential learning time” out of the classroom for “non-essential” field trips. One of the examples given was the Junior Docent program at the art museum that some of the grades participated in this year. It was 3 field trips throughout the year. BS if you ask me. So sad.

    Anyway, I will pass this info on to some of my teacher friends in other districts!!!

  2. That is a GREAT photo in the dinosaur hall. I really love it! I wonder if you might even consider allowing us to use it (along with appropriate credit of course). Anywho, I’m so glad you were able to join us at the museum for the day! -And we hope you can come back for museum fun soon. We’ll keep you updated when new, cool things are going on at the museum that would be especially fun for lil ones! -Kelly Carnes, Press Officer, National Museum of Natural History

    • That photo was actually taken by the lovely Leticia from! I’ll send you her way, I’m sure she’d love give you access to her photo.

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