this kills me

Just a little snippet from the Boss’ birthday. He asked for a Rickenbacker guitar, like John plays. For now, he will have to settle for this one…are we bad parents that when he says “It’s a Rickenbacker!” We say, “Yes! Yes it is!’ Watch his fingers….he kills me.

Sounds pretty nice!

His birthday was perfection. And once I revel in it a little bit, I’ll write. Suffice it to say The Boss’ little dreams came true. And Mommy cried a lot of happy tears.

13 thoughts on “this kills me

  1. Oh, I love this! That sweet voice saying how nice it sounds? Slays me! I still remember how cute he was in the video of his last birthday when he’s exclaiming that he’s got a “hog”!

  2. Sounds beautiful, Max!!!! What a sweetie. I am simply amazed at his raw talent at this age. Look at those fingers and hands!! Future musician fo sho! Watch out Beatles & Billy Joe!

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  4. i couldn’t agree more with the comment about The Boss being one of the most specialist guys…he really is! his cuteness is killing me!

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