My humiliation was palpable.

It was a generally craptastic day. I mean, honestly…reality check…not that bad. But just one of those days where nothing goes your way and everything just SUCKS. In case you’ve not heard we are under a heat wave that would make Satan proud. I mean I went out to turn the a/c on in my car 10 minutes before putting precious tiny Huck in it in order to drive 20 minutes to my OB. Everyone just loooooooves an OB appointment, right?


{Also remind me to only make appointments there on pay day because a Home Goods just opened up right across the street}

So. I get there. I walk in and give my name. They say they don’t have me down for an appointment. Interesting. Oh they have me down for NEXT Thursday. Listen kids, I know I can be a bit of a scatterbrain but this one? You must have gotten the date confused they say. Oh no, I say, I know the date is right because when I made the appointement you wanted to schedule me on Tuesday July 26th and I said no because it’s my son’s birthday so then you offered me Thursday. She says oh we meant August 6th. I say well, no one said that and  wouldn’t YOU have assumed it was today, the 28th from the phrasing of our call? Can I be seen today? Why no. Dr. H isn’t there today and I have to be seen by the doctor who delivered Huck. Okay, fine. I take my pouty first world problem spoiled self and stomp out calling TOTT and vomiting how mad I am all over him. He takes it like a champ, as does my MIL who hurried home to hang out with The Boss.

Put my key in my car and cah-rack my FREAKING KEY cracks. It’s been threatening for a while to do that but it picked today to just go ahead and commit key suicide. I think this is it! Mama needs a drink. Buy drink of course I mean Iced Latte from ‘Bucks. Drive through, natch, so I don’t have to wake the sleeping tiny guy. What’s that? My card is declined? Embarrassing. Hey listen people…we may not be rich, but we ain’t totally broke neither. Hmmm. Use another card.

What do I do when I feel rotten? Shop! I head on over to the Goodwill to see what the clearance things are, it’s markdown day! Which means fabric is 99 cents and then half off. I find a treasure, it calls me from accross the room…God Rays shooting from it and a choir of angels singing. I gingerly put it in my cart and hustle to the check out. Three people ask if I am buying it. Hell yes I am!

What’s that? The card that worked just two seconds ago at Starbucks has been declined? Ummm…I only have three bucks. It’s 3.99. No deal. okay. Yeah,  this isn’t embarrassing at all. Too broke to shop at Goodwill! A quick call to the bank and the problem is discovered and new cards are being sent. I really wish when they think something is fishy with your account they would CALL before they just shut everything down! I mean, grateful they are on it…but still!

So I bust out the card I never use. It’s the emergency card. But you guys I was SO embarrassed as everyone stood around looking at me and my new baby while both my cards were declined and I didn’t have enough cash…I was getting that damn 3.99 treasure if it killed me. So, emergency card worked and 4 dollars later me and my humiliation and sweet baby Huck were tucked back in the car, wrangling the broken key and crying in our iced latte.

The only question is: what color does it want to be?

11 thoughts on “My humiliation was palpable.

  1. Oh one of THOSE days. Gah.

    I’d paint it red! Or yellow. Or sky blue! Or emerald green!

    Oh, you’re not asking for Kitchen Aid mixer colors (my mind is on kitchen appliances — don’t ask).

    But RED! Yes, I can see it in red!

  2. Oh gosh! I have had a few of those days. When we first got out here to LA we had to set up a house right? An entire week dedicated to shopping, but our stupid bank kept shutting us down. In line to spend an ass load of money at Ikea. DECLINE. 20 minutes while my husband calls the bank to get them to fix card, load everything back up on the belt & leave. But we also went to Target three time trying to make another large purchase & they shut the card down. ANd last but not least. A few weeks ago I was in downtown LA for fabric my husband failed to mention he transferred all of the money to another account that I didn’t have the card for. Trying to make mt $20 purchase & its declined. I’m freaking out when I check the bank app & it shows us overdrawn for a lot. I call the bank & we realize the problem. Ok so I didnt spend all the money like I thought I did, but I still need $5 to get out of the parking garage! No cash but I did have some CD’s of my husbands Bieber type artist that the attendants daughters liked. It was embarrassing!!!

  3. Mmmhmmm, YEP, that day is totally worthy of “the suck!” Sorry you had to go through all that. however, I hate to point out the obvious….but it all HAD to be worth it for that most amazing treasure! Seriously, I’m so in love. It MUST be robins egg, or birds egg blue. It just must. Oh sorry, that’s just because that is what I would paint it, and place it in a place or prominence in my living room because it would look so spectacular! Oh, and really, still not worth it, I know. But yay for the treasure. Boo on the dumb doctors office and boo on heatwaves and cracking keys.

  4. Oh, yes, that was a bad day. And, I can only imagine how you felt with the cards being declined and the appointment being changed without your knowledge, and everything you’ve described. I think those kind of days are that much tougher when you’re out with children. Hopefully, today is a better day for you!

  5. hugs to you for that rotten day. i really hate it when that happens. and i am loving that treasure. i think you should pick an awesome bright color for it, then cover it with an antique white and the beat the crap out of it to make it look old and show said bright color from underneath….but really, you are the master decorator and i am just a look and dream kind of girl. you’ll make it look amazing, regardless of what color you pick!

  6. Here’s what color I painted mine. I think it’s the exact same one.

    My card once got declined at the grocery store when I had $300 worth of food sitting in bags. Thank GOD my friend was in line behind me and didn’t mind charging my groceries on HER card. (And it was the same thing… the bank thought something was fishy and cut the card off even though I had used it 20 minutes before at the pharmacy RIGHT IN the grocery store!)

    • See that’s what really killed me, I had JUST used it! Give a gal a call if you’re going to be cutting off the funds, know what I mean! Your birdcage looks awesome! I painted mine white…for now. We will see what it ends up!

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