New York I love you a Latte.

It was a whirl wind week! TOTT finished his conference and flew to New York so there was nothing to be done but for us to get our booties up there for a little New York time. I adore New York and it is infinitely more enjoyable when you are not constantly having panic attacks. *nod to postpartum anxiety and zoloft* The Boss quickly declared “I like the city. I don’t like New Jersey.” prompting us to wonder if he is sneaking late night showings of Jersey Shore and Jerseylicious.

I shopped. A lot. I’d like to pretend that I shopped at exclusive New York boutiques and bought one of a kind fashion treasures, but the majority of my moolah went to Macy’s, H&M and Baby Gap. Have you SEEN the new guitar collection? Oh, The Boss shall be stylin’! Why is it that everything seems so much more stylish in New York? And can I just say that it was New York Kismet that I found the perfect fall coat at H&M. I also fell madly for a pair of boots. Sadly I left them behind. Too rich for my current blood but I have to admit that if I were very rich I’d still be a bargain shopper…except for boots and bags. Bring on the Frye Boots and the Louis Vuitton in droves!

I was super lucky to get to go to iVillage and meet Kelly Wallace and everyone there. I cannot say enough nice things about them. They had a conference room filled with snacks for The Boss and we had a lovely chat. What a place to work!

From there I drowned in the glory that is Chelsea Market. Dear God, let me LIVE THERE. Right in the middle of Chelsea Market. Smack dab. I had the single best coffee since Italy.

New York I love you a Latte.

{Sorry I couldn’t resist}

Since there is an Anthropologie right there, I shall move right in. And find a way to make these for my own little someday home.

There is inspiration everywhere.

TOTT and I fell in love all over again. With Nutella.

The Boss got a guitar lesson from his Godfather:

TOTT took a picture of me I don’t loathe! YAY!

And by the time the week was over we all looked like this:

{Please note the wet hair in a bun, sunglasses inside, dirty jeans, t-shirt, bad hotel coffee and baby.These are the must have accessories for Fall}


I am so happy that my husband is back from his conference, and more importantly, his laptop! I kid, of course but man I love that laptop! My little netbook with the stuck space key is just fine, but it’s a bit like driving Yugo {remember those? No? Just me?} and then test driving a pimped out Escalade. Mommy likes the Escalade. She likes it a lot.

How was your week?

14 thoughts on “New York I love you a Latte.

  1. You look cute, even in the hotel hallway šŸ™‚
    And yes, NYC is the shiz. And I could move into Anthro, too. All of it. Divine.

    I am trying to get my hands on my own pimped out Escalade {iMac}. In the meantime, I am driving my own broke-ass ’97 Toyota that’s about to die{MacBook. No tilda key & no memory}.

  2. You know that I adore your style.. LOVE the lights and table…

    and to be extra honest… YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!! yes in the hall pic…. The one that TOTT took is adorable.. but the hall pic rocks.. you are teeny tiny after giving birth and look stylish and amazing – all while toting a newborn… you rock it!

      • See… that’s the thing.. none of us can… but you can still wear a lot of things that most of us can’t.. and well.. you still rock it and make being a mommy of two look awesome!

        CONGRATS again!

    • Oh phooey! Instagram hides a lot of flaws! I love to take pictures of the babies sleeping, I am afraid they will think I was psycho when they grow up and see them all!

  3. Oh me likey some NYC! Can I admit that it’s the MAH-jor reason I want to go to BlogHer’12? LOL! Plus, I may have to squeeze in a few auditions. Just sayin’. But back to your post. Here are the reasons why I loved it:

    1. Made me reminisce on my days living in NYC
    2. Bring on the shopping and Louis Vuitton
    3. Nutella
    4. Cute babies

    I think this is the magic combination for successful posts… You are a master!

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