Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody!

And another first world problem. I know what I like. I do. Clothes wise and design wise. But for some reason bedding for the Boss’s Beatles room has eluded me for AGES. I picked this up at the oh so wonderful TJMaxx and still I just can’t make up my mind.  And so I turn to you, to help me decide.

I painted the little stool with the Beatles logo!

I raised his headboard a little bit by putting it up on blocks. One of these days when I am at Home Depot I will remember to grab some feet for it so I can raise properly. I got that at a thrift store for 3.50 (I actually got 2 for 7 bucks so when Huck is ready I can paint his and they can have matching beds.) It was in bad shape, I cleaned it up and painted it and I love it. The inspiration for The Boss’ room is the Hard Day’s Night poster above his bed. The M is from a Paris metro sign. The bedding doesn’t have any green in it, so I am not sure if it clashes/works with his nightstand. (Grandma got the nightstand at a yard sale for 5 bucks and I painted it, surprise! I love it!) Can I bring in more green/yellow when the bedding is so very red/white/blue/tan/black? I know it works with the red headboard and my old dresser which I (guess what?) painted red.

I’m still working on my collection of cute British/Beatles things. My mother sent The Boss all her memorabilia and the records are hers. My Mother in Law bought the Beatles playing cards up on the shelf and it’s on my to do list to make a mobile from them for Huck’s side of the room. I moved the green box in front of the bed to hold a few of The Boss’s guitars which must always be accessible and I think that helps a little.  I also think I will paint one of the Ikea spice racks/bookshelves to match the nightstand and move it the blank wall next to his bed so he can have his guitar encyclopedias close at hand at all times. He likes to look at them when he wakes up in the morning.

I love the mini phone booth and mail box that my friend Renee sent all the way from the Netherlands. That’s right, they were procured in London brought to the Netherlands and then sent to DC. I love them and will keep them long after The Boss has moved on to something else. The little blue bus is a  double decker painted for Hard Day’s Night. It’s so cute and The Boss loves to drive it around. The All You Need Is Love poster I painted in about three minutes to see if I liked it enough to do it properly. That was over a month ago and it’s on my to-do list to really make one.

Huck’s side of the room needs the most work.

I want to make one of those apple crate bookshelves for their room. I’m totally in love with them and I blame Pinterest.

There’s a place for everyone to rest. Even The Great Catsby.

And a little surprise for my guitar obsessed boy!

Guitar sheets!

So there you have it! The Boss’s Beatles bedroom. It’s really coming along nicely but as with most decor obsessed people it will never be done completely!

So, keep the bedding or return it? He hasn’t used it yet I just put it on to take the pictures. I’m leaning towards keeping it, but would love to hear your thoughts!


13 thoughts on “Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody!

  1. What a fun room! Keep the bedding…I think it works. Just add a green throw pillow or something to pull some green onto the bed, but other than that, I think you did a fab job on the boys’ room!!

  2. the room looks FAB!!! and I’m so glad that I was able to arrange the phone booth and mailbox! I personally love the bedding, so I would keep it 🙂 xx

  3. Adore the room; especially the shelves with all the old Beatles memorabilia!

    Not entirely sure about the bedding. It says country picnic / baseball to me, but the colors to go well with the Union Jack poster. The lack of green isn’t a problem – I like the green accent pieces and don’t think you really have to tie that into the bedding. I’m just not sure about the “feel” (not that isn’t bad; it’s lovely! But I still feel baseball from it).

    • I agree, it does say that and perhaps that’s why I kind of like it! It goes…but doesn’t. Oh well, I’m still deciding.

  4. I agree with someone else who posted in that the bedding is slightly “country chic.” However, I still like it. I do think the green night stand (despite the fact that the paint job looks lovely) seems a little out of place. Instead of changing the bedding, I’d just repaint the nightstand either red to match the dresser or navy blue or even tan.

  5. The room is adorable! And while I like the bedding, I don’t think it goes with the overall theme of the room. But I’m not sure what I would use in it’s place… I know, I’m not much help 😉

    • LISSY! You’re supposed to blow sunshine and rainbows, remember?? I kid. For some reason the bedding is growing on me so it’s staying for now. But be prepared for a home goods or tjmaxx text in the future!

  6. I like the bedding 🙂 I think people ‘see’ baseball, because that’s what is typically paired up with that kind of bedding. My boys have a similar bedding and I had a vintage airplane theme in their room for a long time before changing it out, and itworked.

    Although I am unsure of the green. Just because I don’t see it being pulled from any piece in his room (a poster? or something?). I do love that dresser, though. Nice job!!!!

  7. So cute! I can see the county chic and baseball.. but the colors work and having looked for guitar type bedding… it is pretty tough.. and usually grey… if its growing on you.. keep it… if I know anything about boys and kids…. bedding can get thrashed quickly.. or… packed up and used for sleep -overs when you find something you really love!!!!

  8. Love the headboard, ADORE the shelf and all its decore, LOVE the dresser AND the nightstand. True the green is a little out of place, but I still like it. I think the bedding is cute, but just doesn’t totally go with the theme. But, doesn’t matter, since YOU are liking it and it’s YOUR childs room. That’s all that matters. I HATE buying bedding, I really think it is the hardest part of any decore to buy. UGH!

    To answer your question, YES your dress up doll baby WILL bust out an opinion one day, and it should be soon and it really sucks. Max is younger than your Max, but he certainly tells me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY now what is acceptable and what is not. So frustrating. Since I have to deal with Miss Sassypants Magoo who refuses to wear ANYTHING I pick out ever and therefore mostly looks like a homeless bag lady most of the time. Oh the “first world” (as you put it) trials we must endure.

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