I forgot it was a strength and not a weakness.


The Boss is off to his first day of preschool tomorrow. So you know what happened today? I mean, besides us throwing him a little party and ending the day by him requesting I dig a boogie out of his nose. Every member of my family teased me about the fact that I will probably cry tomorrow. In fact I got a little teary at a lovely card his grandmother gave him.

I was feeling a little embarrassed about the teasing. To be sure, there was not a single malicious thought behind it. But still, I know I’m a sentimental fool no one need remind me. As I was going through the Just Be Enough links this evening, I read this one entitled Focusing On My Strengths and one really hit me. I am open. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Yes. That is me. I am open and I do wear my heart on my sleeve. I forgot that it was a strength and not a weakness. I may cry tomorrow, I may not. Oh who are we kidding? I am SO going to cry when I leave my precious little man at preschool. I’ll probably cry when he races out the door with a hollered “bye mom” on his first day of junior high. I will probably cry and embarrass the hell out of him at every baseball game, band concert, school play, art fair, science fair. Whatever he is into I will be there, cheering (too) loudly, hugging (too) tightly, and beaming with pride. And yes, probably some tears as well.

My kid might be embarrassed by me, but he will never, ever doubt that I love him and I am proud of him. Proud to be his mother.

So yeah, I’ll cry. I’ll beam with pride. And after I pick my sweet boy up from his very first 2.5 hours away from me I will take him out for a vanilla milk.

I might be a crybaby…but I am enough.


Linking up to Just Be Enough.

17 thoughts on “I forgot it was a strength and not a weakness.

  1. He REQUESTS, much less LETS you remove a boogie from his nose? I can’t imagine. My freakish kids will barely BLOW their noses for me. Seriously….it’s like an act of congress to get a boogie out.
    Again, you are just so darn cute. A party for his first day of school, and all your emotion. Love it.

    • An act of Congress! hilarious! Oh it depends on the day and the boogie, but yes he did ask me to remove it. Actually he said get it get it get it. And I did.

  2. First, I’m so proud of you baking that awesome adorable cake!

    And yes, you do wear your heart on your sleeve, even here on your blog, and you know what? I love that about you. I feel like I know you. I want to hug your face off right now. May I?

    • Oh Kimberly, I did. I did cry. I waited till we got into the car and then I just burst into tears. But he did great and had a blast!

  3. I cried the first time. I admit it, I own it. Its normal. I wasn’t the only parent that got teary eyed, heck I wasn’t even the only dad. Its a very normal reaction to sending your kid off for the firs time. Hope it is a great day for you all.

  4. I was sooo with you… I teared up when he watched and learned and repeated…This is sooo very scarey for a parent…. they are our hearts and we send them out.. unprotected and without us…

    You go girlie!!! from one very emotional/wears her heart for the world to see- good and bad – momma… and I am already dreading next year when Mackenzie gets to experience school a little earlier than 5… *giggle*

  5. Sing it sister….You are so totally ENOUGH! Why are we sooo hard on ourselves and set WAY TOO HIGH expectations that we will never meet?

    You are enough! I am enough!

    I cried my eyes out last week the night before school. My husband looked down at me and said, “what in the world is wrong now?” (I have been rather emotional as of late)
    and I reminded him that the next day would be the last/first day of school for our senior son! Where does the time go?

  6. Dude. Cry on. I have cried for every first day of school for both the girls. I was a wreck for 2 weeks when I had to put Ash and Jacob into daycare. 2 weeks…2 weeks of crying all the way to work. Splotchy forehead at work? Fashionista right here. I cry at every single piano recital. every single chorus concert. ashley’s 3rd grade christmas play. you name it, i cry. so cry on momma. and yes, it embarrasses the girls, but i don’t care. actually, i work hard to embarrass them on purpose. so there. 🙂

  7. First, that cake is adorable! But yes, you will probably cry when you drop him off. We all do. And that’s okay.

    Thank you for highlighting my post here. I”m glad I’m not alone in the ‘wearing my heart on my sleeve’ club. 😉

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