Rainy day dreams….

It is possible that I am one of perhaps a handful of people in the DC Metro area who are LOVING this weather! Oh, I wish it would stick around for a while. Like say, till March. Let’s just skip the dreadful winter with all of it’s crazy blizzards and horrible colds. Let’s just have Fall this year, for months and months and months. Let’s have wonderful sweaters, scarves and boots. Let’s have pumpkin spice lattes. Let’s have warm colors and walks on the falling leaves followed by hot chocolate (with Bailey’s for mama s’il vous plait!) Let’s have one good rainy day a week followed by crisp cool weather perfect for afternoon football games in the park and making cookies!

This is only fair since last winter was gawdawful and then we had no spring. Freezing snow. Boiling hot humidity. That’s how it went round these parts.

This week, for me, has been divine. It’s just the right amount of falling rain followed by an hour or two of breakthrough sun. It’s jeans, boots and sweater weather. Perfect for going back to school…or school for the first time!

{puddle jumping}

Everyone is complaining about the rain, but I am as happy as Catsby all curled up right next to the window, his purr keeping time with the rainfall.

What’s your favorite thing about Fall?

25 thoughts on “Rainy day dreams….

  1. I second all of what you say.
    I’m a nut for fall weather.
    While I do love my summer, I love snuggling up in a nice warm blanket and a good book…or just sleeping…cause I’m lazy like that 😉

  2. Football!!! my absolute favorite season is fall! Bring on the tailgates, and SEC football..even if we are the worst team in the SEC…The leaves are changing, Halloween is right around the corner, and all is right as it should be, plus it’s time for boots!!

  3. I love fall, always have. I also could do without winter. Especially because this past one was so traumatic–I was stuck at home alone with a colicky newborn during one of the worst winters ever here in TX–rolling blackouts, ice covered streets. The thought of it still makes me cry. Let’s agree to skip winter this year.

    • I don;t think people realize how Texas actually does have a winter. Icy roads are the worst! And you guys have black ice, right? Even scarier.

  4. I love EVERYTHING about fall. It’s been raining in Atlanta too but when I walked out the door Monday and it was 62 degrees, I almost cried I was so happy. I LOVE the fall colors (I mean, who doesn’t love burnt orange?!?), pumpkins, fires, and football…oh and the food!!! Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie, lattes! And the clothes! I adore boots and hats and gloves and scarves!!!
    I mean, I guess fall is OK… 🙂

  5. The colors, fo sho. And boots and scarves and cardigans. I try not to remember that fall means winter is next, though, because that? That depresses me.

    Oh…I think I’ll be in DC somewhere around Nov 4th. for a few days 🙂

  6. STOP making me so jealous! It’s not fair. We’re still boiling over at 110 degrees here and it’s enough to drive ME to drink. For the love! So you and your sweaters and boots and rain…boo! No really, I AM happy for you. Take it all in while you can, cause while I’m enjoying my lovely winter…you’ll have snow. hee hee
    I’m dying to hear how the first day of school went. How you survived, etc.

    • I have lived vicariously through you for the last two winters, because I do like the cooler weather but I can do without blizzards thankyouverymuch!!

  7. I love Fall, just not what follows it. So while I enjoy Fall, I also dread it. My favorite things about Fall are: the colors; both in the leaves but also in clothes. jeans/sweater/boots combo. rosy cheeks kissed by the cooler wind. rain boots. the holidays rolling in – first halloween and the thanksgiving, probably my most favorite holiday.

  8. September-February is my family’s special time: Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday’s, anniversaries the works fall (haha pun) between this time. I love everything about it.

    With that, I am off to shop for some boots and maybe a scarf or two (don’t tell my hubby.)

  9. I think I may be the only person excited to see the pumpkin stuff on the Caribou order screen. I LOVE it!
    (And I thought of you yesterday as Mr B informed me “Mom, ‘Baby You’re a Rich Man’ is on Yellow Submarine, not Abbey Road.”)

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