Call to remembrance 9/11

It’s ten years later and I am still teary eyed whenever someone even mentions 9/11. All those people, trapped and terrified. And nothing…nothing could be done to save them. I’ll never understand it. I’ll never not cry over it, ten years from now and ten years from then it will still be unbearable.

I was blessed to be asked by iVillage to share my 9/11 experience. There are some amazing stories in this video,including Dumb Mom’s Mom…incredible stuff.

I am about 6th in. You can use the arrow to scroll through, but I encourage you to watch them all. Amazing.(pathetic vanity disclaimer: I had been walking around in the heat for hours before this was filmed, I’m still puffy from having the baby and also I apparently thought that was a good hair color idea. I was wrong. Be kind)

Direct link to mine

Stephanie Stearns Dulli remembers September 11th


Hug your loved ones today. And can you tell I’m giving you a through the internet hug? You guys make my life better. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Call to remembrance 9/11

  1. I still cry. My son had just turned one a couple days before and we were watching a cartoon when the first twin tower was hit and I was oblivious what was going on until my Mom called me and told me to go in the other room and turn on the news. I was already suffering from post partum anxiety and this just pushed it to a new level.

  2. I was in Malaysia then, and two of my cousins were living in New York then (one of them still does), and the impact of that day still reached me. My cousins were safe (thankfully), but I had friends who had co-workers who lost their lives. To hear them speak of people they knew, gone, just gone, was incredibly hard. 9/11 affected everyone worldwide. I don’t know a single person who was not impacted in some way.

    Thank you for sharing this, Steph. {{HUG}}

  3. I lived in NYC for 11 years and was there during 9/11. I had lived there less than a year and it made me want to stay. I needed to see the city through and realized I was a part of it all. I just moved to Atlanta and yesterday was the hardest day I’ve had since I’ve been here. 9/11 was a tragedy but had a way of bonding us all and for that I’m grateful.

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