You know when your kid does something uber cute?

But refuses to do it for the camera? Yeah. That.
Bee walk

During a break in the crazy rain The Boss and I took Puppy Bear out for a walk. In his Bee costume. Or as he calls it “My busy bug coat” I die. Anyway, I took pictures of just about every step he took. It was too precious.

New walk

How sweet are these two?

a bee and his pup out for a walk.

But when it came time for The Boss to show off what his dad taught him…he messed with me. The little stinker!

Someday I’ll catch him doing the pledge the right way, cause trust me ‘indivisible’ will knock you dead with precious.


**full disclosure: i might have held up the busy bug coat and asked him if he wanted to wear it. Sue me. You would have done the same, right?

10 thoughts on “You know when your kid does something uber cute?

  1. busy bug coat? hilarious and adorable. j has his 3 eyed monster costume from when he was a year old that he still insists on wearing….even though it’s entirely too small. i love how the boss mad-libbed, excellent.

  2. Absolutely adorable! Reminds me of my Little Guy who wears his fireman outfit (best costume purchase ever!) everywhere…and I am more than happy to help him put it on if it means several cute photos…now if only he’d quit growing up so quickly….

  3. Adorable.
    My son wore safety glasses to visit my mom in the hospital the other day. My husband was embarrassed but I was dying in heart melting goop…and yes, I made him keeep them on so sue me too

  4. Ummm yeah, that is more adorable than anything SHOULD be. Can’t believe he obliged you. My Max woulda said NO WAY. He’s far to insistent on picking out his OWN clothes these days. So, I’ll just virtually pinch your Maxs big adorable chubby cheeks and love him in his bee coat from here.

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