It doesn’t take Freud to figure it out…

Boss n Snurfie

The Boss, well he loves him some Smurfette. Or rather, he love Snurfette. He cuddles with her, he takes her to school with him (week two and three of school did not go as well as week one), he sleeps with one arm slung over her at all times. Like any boy he prefers her without her dress on.”I want her nakey, Mommy!”

Last night had a Halloween dream. I was struggling to get my make up on for my costume before the Boss saw me. My blue makeup. I rubbed on the bright foundation furiously trying to make my skin that aqua/royal blue combo that the lovely Snurfy sports. Nothing happened. Al Roker wandered by (because obviously) as blue as could be in his Brainy Smurf costume but was gone before I could ask to borrow his makeup. I became very upset insisting that TOTT take me to the store right then to get more blue make up and possibly a new blond wig because my costume had to PERFECT.

It was then that I woke up and the heavy realization hit me.

I am jealous of  mother f%^&**^ Snurfette.


16 thoughts on “It doesn’t take Freud to figure it out…

  1. I went dressed as my sons sesame street fav…Abby…and he was terrified of me. I’m pretty sure in toddler talk he screamed ” Bitch please, you can’t rock wings!”…sigh

    • Ha! That’s hysterical! I am pretty sure The Boss would not be pleased at all if I did dress up as his beloved Snurf. He would wag his finger at me and say “No, Mommy.”

    • Honestly he never watched the Smurfs until AFTER he got Snurfie! He walked into Build a Bear and fell in love. It’s good because he can take her to school with him, but sad because I want to be the ONLY ONE HE LOVES! 🙂

  2. I’m glad to know mine isn’t the only toddler who calls them “Snurfs”…ha! Your dream is too funny. Al Roker as Brainy Smurf somehow fits.

  3. Dude. I was just thinking to myself the other day how thankful I am that I am still J’s favorite snuggle “thing” and J’s favorite playmate and how I will be heartbroken when I am replaced. So hugs to you mommy. I’d be jealous, too!

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