It’s someones happy day!

If you ever meet a man (or woman, either one is cool with me.) and they really get you. If they can make you laugh harder than just about anyone other than say, your bestest girlfriends or at least just as hard as they can. If they can make you angrier than you have ever been in your entire life. Annoy you more than you ever thought possible and make you happier than you ever dreamed….then you should marry them.

I found that in Zach. Today is his birthday and I am incredibly grateful he was spawned lo those many years ago, because no one on this green earth makes me crazier, angrier, happier, feel more love and feel more loved. (except for our beautiful children of course!)

I love you crazy TOTT, even when you say “I can’t find it” when you haven’t even really looked and the item you’re looking for is exactly where I said it would be. I love you for making me laugh. For making me cry happy tears. I love you for allowing romance to grow from bringing me flowers to helping me shower after surgery and for thinking that even sore and stitched up that I am beautiful.I cannot possibly imagine being with anyone else (no not even my boyfriend Will Forte) You are my lobster.

Happy Birthday my  darling!

13 thoughts on “It’s someones happy day!

  1. Both of you went though trails and tribulations to find each other, but find each other you did. Exactly in the right place at the right time to complete each others’ world! Happy, Happy day indeed! Many happys from the MIL!

  2. LOBSTER! I was just talking about that episode the other day. This was beautiful, and totally true. When I am the angriest, I am also sometimes the happiest with my husband b/c he challenges me to be MORE, to do MORE, to feel MORE. In the best way possible.

    Happy Birthday, TOTT!

  3. Happy Birthday Zach!!!!!! Love the post and you both are very very blessed to have found each other… even through it all…. You inspire the rest of us!

    happiest of happy days!

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