Postpartum Progress Strong Start Day.

Today is my mother in law’s birthday. Happy Birthday Robin! It is also the day on which more babies are born than any other day of the year.


I’ve made no secret that I grappled, and continue to struggle with postpartum anxiety. I’ve blogged about it, written about it, and of course reported on it for ivillage. The single strongest hand I had reaching out to support me and help lead me out of the tunnel was Katherine Stone and her amazing site postpartum progress.

I don’t frequently use my blog to ask for favors, votes or money. But today I do. Today we try to raise money for postpartum progress so that they may help others like me, others like you. Over half a million women a year are diagnosed with a form of postpartum disorders. Ranging from depression to OCD. Those are just the ones who are able to vocalize what they are going through. Those who have doctors who listen. I was unable to do so, I had no idea what was crippling me was in fact a disorder and was treatable. I am forever grateful that I had a doctor who saw the warning signs and pressed me to talk about it, so many women don’t.

Postpartum Progress’s goal is to raise $30,000 implement some amazing new projects and ways to support women (and those who lovew them) through this. They’ve got a very big postpartum depression awareness campaign. I can’t help but think of the year and a half I lost to postpartum anxiety and how I might have been able to participate in my life more if only I had known what was going on.

Times are hard, believe me I know. We are still living with my mother in law the birthday girl. If you have five bucks to spare. One buck to spare. Whatever, please give. If you simply can’t, please consider tweeting or facebooking this or the post at Postpartum Progress.

Even if we can’t spread money around the way we’d like, perhaps we can spread some awareness.

You have my gratitude.

You can donate here


3 thoughts on “Postpartum Progress Strong Start Day.

  1. Thank you for your honesty regarding this issue. I think more and more women are coming out of their dark closets and getting help because of women like you who let women like me know it’s normal to feel this way and that there’s plenty of help available if I need it.

    So, thank you. I don’t have money to donate, but I sure will promote it!

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