According toThe Boss

The Boss is a big fan of This Little Piggy.  I can’t blame him. It’s fun and involves tickling. Plus, Huckleberry sports some fantastical tootsies to piggy. I myself like nom on them. That’s not weird is it?It’s totally acceptable to nom on toes that are less than 2 years old. Less than 10 month toes are a pure delicacy I believe. So, back to the matter at hand- or foot as the case may be. The Boss is all over This Little Piggy-ing his baby brother.

It goes like this:
Huck feet

This little piggy went to Target.

This little piggy stayed home.

This little piggy got an icee.

this little piggy got none.

And this little piggy went pee pee pee all the way home.

4 thoughts on “According toThe Boss

  1. Those are some sweet toes! I’m sure somewhere, somehow, there are baby toe models. Huck could start his career early. Well, he has, because he models them here. Then he and The Boss can go on tour and support you and the hubs in your golden years. Genius. Genius baby toe plan!

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