Name: Huckleberry Bear

Age: 4months.

crime: reckless non-sleepingness with intermittent nursing

If seen please cuddle immediately

REWARD FOR CUDDLING: tons of giggles and that awesome full body happy baby wiggle. It’s good for what ails ya.

27 thoughts on “Wanted!

  1. OMG!!!!!! He has your adorable face. His smile, his smile! He’s the male-baby-version of adorable you.

    And, um, Minky… besides the college fund? Ya might want to get a paternity suit fund going, too. Because when he hits those teenage years? You’re gonna have to peel the girls offa him. Just sayin’ 😉

  2. Holy moly, that kid is cute. I love babies when they’re swaddled. It’s like they’re in handcuffs. And he looks pretty happy to be that way. He doesn’t look ready to sleep at all.

  3. This kid? Could possibly make me want another one. Maybe show me a picture of him crying because his teeth hurt, taken at approximately 2.38 am. That’ll set me straight.

    • No can dosville! Even in the middle of the night he rarely cries. It’s all cute all the time. He does make a really funny whining noise though…

  4. Believe me, as soon as I get the chance to cuddle and tickle that little bear ,I will. That’s a Stephie face for sure!! Great smile and twinkly eyes, like his Momma! (And I’m the first fan of his Momma’s face!)

  5. I wish I was there to snuggle him now. He’s so sweet the way he doesn’t want to crawl away from me or pull my hair and laugh when I yelp. I think he would be very good for what ails me. Miss you all!

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