Don’t you hate when your mother in law is right?

“you go nuts if you don’t have a project!” ~My mother in law.

HARUMPH. And also…yeah, so? And also, can I paint that table Ma?

My mother in law is wise. And also nice. She lets me do things like bring home old windows and make a wreath out of an old shirt and put them up on the mantle.


She and my father in law cleaned out a massive section in the garage so I can paint during the winter. And oh yeah, they let us live with them. Bonus for my sister in law who recently said “I want a vanity!” and thus a quest was born. A quest I recently completed, and so a new one must begin!

 I found it on my weekly goodwill troll, 35 bucks, heavy, dovetail drawers, and stinky.

Good old BobBob and TOTT brought the van right over to fetch my treasure and people I could not start painting fast enough! Woman on a mission; c’est moi!
I firmly believe that almost everything can be rescued with white paint and new hardware.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect mirror, but in the mean time we appropriated a Tiffany blue mirror I painted last year that was just waiting for, you know, me to have a place to put it.Keek has just started playing with it, but here it is in her room! Not back for a weekends work.
It no longer stinks FTR.

This left me without a project. I started looking around the house…something needs to be messed with, clearly! Luckily for my mother in law’s dining room table we headed off to North Carolina and there, about to be tossed out with the garbage was my new treasure. Now, don’t go thinking this is in fabulous shape. I have to replace both sides and have reinforced everything. It was clearly kept outside in the rain and used as a place to rest lit cigarettes. But that won’t stop me!


It’s already been sanded, and if I weren’t out of primer it would be already painted! It wants to be a soft gray and live by  my bedside. It also wants me to have new bedding. Because, obviously.

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14 thoughts on “Don’t you hate when your mother in law is right?

  1. Whoa, the mirror on the art deco dresser is in GREAT shape for such an old piece. And I kind of want to throat punch whoever left something so gorgeous out in the rain. But I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  2. My husband would love me a thousand times more if I had your eye and talent. He’s like you- where as I see junk- he sees a diamond in the rough. Send me some of your creative vibes!

  3. Oh my. Fabulous job with the vanity….lurve the white with the glass knobs. You really are blessed with a great Mother in Law it seems. Letting you create and do, she clearly loves you. Now, about the last treasure find….dying! It’s amazing, and gorgeous and soooo great! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Thanks for sharing your lovlies. I have a table that I’ve needed to do for 4 months now. But, well, I’ve felt crappy, so I’ve ignored it. And I have a GORGEOUS dresser that needs some attention too. I’m in need of some mojo to get back on the project wagon.

  4. oooh! GORG! And I can’t wait to see what you do with your new piece! How do you get it done so quickly??? Its taken me forever to get a nightstand, chair, desk, and dresser done. I have more pieces in waiting!!!

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