Reasons to smile, there are many!

Five reasons to smile. Only five? I get down in the dumps, it’s true. I never thought I would leave Los Angeles, quit acting (for now), be a stay at home mom. I certainly never thought I would live with my in laws. But I find more and more that it’s harder to slip in the sad place. (I still do of course. Ask TOTT about the Big Cry Fest of Last Week.) Those trips down feeling sorry for myself lane seem to be getting fewer and farther between and are usually brought on from sleep deprivation. Everyone under the age of four in my household seems to be uninterested in resting lately. Everyone over the age of 21 is desperate for sleep.

The Just Be Enough prompt this week is 5 reasons to smile. Just reading the prompt made me smile. What a lovely thing to list, I might do well to list five things every week! In fact I just might. Maybe. We all know how well I stick with things, remember Friday Fabulousness? Or Monday vlogs? Ha! Discarded like Lindsey Lohan’s reputation.

Here we go! The inaugural five things list.

1.Buzz Lightyear

Boss decided late last week that he needed to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. Have you ever tried to find a Buzz Lightyear costume 2 weeks before Halloween? Pretty sure it’s right up there with the Holy Grail with things that are hard to find. Then a woman who works with Ma at school said her grandson had been Buzz when he was Boss’s age and maybe he would loan us his costume. Yay! This sweet boy didn’t want to loan it to The Boss, he insisted that he keep it. Needless to say he has been wearing it ever since! And the best part? He flies around crying out:



I am Buzz Lightyear Max, Strange Ranger!

It. Is. Hilarious. In case you are wondering, no we haven’t corrected him. This kid is so verbal that we rarely get little kid-isms, so when something like this occurs I hold on to it.

2.Huck chew

Hucklberry started laughing on Saturday. It’s utterly delightful! It’s squeeky and squawky and just awesome! He loves to be tickled, but more than anything he loves to giggle at Buzz Lightyear Max, Strange Ranger.






3. Fashion Blogs.Oh! I adore thee! Sometimes I play with the idea of putting on my Sunday best and taking photos like they do. I’ve no idea how they make those poses look good, but they do! And they sold me on tights with peep toes this fall, so there ya go. Also I cut my hair like one of them. I am easily influenced by shiny things.



wheels4. Pinterest. Oh heavens! Pinterest is my new relaxation, my new obsession, my new lovah. Everything on Pinterest makes me smile. Even the whacked out WTF stuff. Because really? People pin some weird hist. Where else could I find a picture of the very roller skates I just blogged about, a dude with his chest hair shaved into a heart, and my dream dining room?







picnikfile_Qgcr8t5. Shopping the house. Well, shopping in any form works for me, amiright? I need new bedding. It’s been ages and I am so very over what we have. What we do not have is oodles of bucks to buy new bedding so I flipped over my bedspread, stole some pillows from the couch (I need one more) and viola! New bedding. Not exactly what I want, but good enough for now!This also provides me with an excuse to get new pillows for the couch. Throw pillows are much cheaper than king size bedding.



It’s nice to have an excuse to look around and take stock of what makes me smile. What makes you smile? Extra credit if you tell me the craziest thing you’ve seen on Pinterest.Oh, Pinterest!

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12 thoughts on “Reasons to smile, there are many!

  1. The craziest thing I saw on interest was (strangely NOT me) a dude with a hairy chest that was shaved into hearts.
    It was epic.
    Speaking of costumes, Chunky wants to be Scooby Doo. Problem is, Chunky is 3 but the size of a 5 year old. We had such a hard time finding him a costume. We ended up crossing the border to togood ol’USofA and found one.
    Yes, I am the Mom rockstar.

    • You are a rock star mom! I know you felt same way I did…If Chunky wants to be Scooby then come hell or high water Scooby he shall be! I can’t wait to see trick or treat pictures!

  2. Awww….love The Boss as Buzz. It sends me back to my boy’s time with Buzz Lightyear. Baby giggles? Oooo…the sweetest! And Pinterest? Pinterest?! Hello, my name is Karen and I a Pinterestaholic! Love, love, LOVE that lovely, special, divine place. Happy sighs… :>

  3. Max is adorable! Phoenix is going to be Buzz Lightyear too or maybe a Bee. I got both just in case because he keeps changing is mine.

    I showed my husband Pinterest last week & he said it was the lamest thing he had ever seen. I almost called a divorce attorney 😉

  4. Love your five. Made me smile. You can tell how much your boys mean to you and how much they light you up! Pinterest… you’ve met your “Kindred Adventurer” for that I LOVE it!!! Oddest thing I have seen is a girl speed walking or running with a fanny pack with a do in it. Mannnnn now I have to go search odd things on Pinterest… be right back .

    Ok I’m back and left you twitter Pinterest Presents! MWAH -Laverne

  5. Your little ones are too precious. Such a sweet and fun list! My husband makes comments about me and my pinning too. I sent him an invite twice…he was not interested 🙂 I figured it was worth a try.

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