Bad Blogger. BAD!

Hmpf. Nothing to say here. Move along.


Anyone ever feel like that too?

Maybe it’s that I  am heading off for my 3rd surgery on my lip in three weeks here in a few minutes. Or maybe it’s that I have done two million crafty projects today and my brain is on overload. Maybe it’s that I realized I STILL haven’t posted about The Boss’s Birthday, you know when he turned 3, in July. Maybe it’s not that I have nothing to say today, but have two many tidbits and projects and stories. Whatever the case is, it’s rainy and gloomy and delightful here, Boss is napping and I am gonna cuddle my Huckleberry for a bit before I let them slice up my lip. Again. Wish a gal luck!

3 thoughts on “Bad Blogger. BAD!

  1. That surgery sounds really miserable. I hope everything goes ok! I can’t wait to hear about Boss’s b-day when you have the time to tell us the story- I am glad he napped for you though!

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