Oh blog pitches….and Huggies winner!

Because this blog has so much to do with (bingo, gambling, online gaming)

Not to steal a page out of The Bloggess’s book, because I do believe she holds the all time record for both bad blog pitches and excellent responses to them, but this showed up in mine (and I am willing to bet a few of yours as well) in box on Thanksgiving of all days. And it made me laugh. Because really? This is just so.dang.lazy.

Good Day:

I was looking at your site http://dialmforminky.com  today, especially the (blog, news, post) that  talks about (online games, entertainment, hobbies)

I think that this site is an excellent site.

I was wondering if you could place a link on your site towards the site of my client

How much do you charge for this?

Please let me know if this is possible


(name withheld because my Mama raised me right)


And my response:


Good Day:

I was looking at your email today, especially the (solicitation, pitch, form letter)  that  talks about (nothing, on, my, site)

I think that this form letter is an excellent form letter

I was wondering if you could look at a site before emailing said (solicitation, pitch, form letter)

How much do you get paid for this?

Please let me know if this is possible


Minky. (Name given because Mama didn’t raise a coward)


And the winner (chosen by random.org because the Boss wanted to pick all the numbers out of the hat and toss them in the air crying out “snow!”)of the Huggies Santa Pants and person who has entered and unbreakable covenant to post pictures of their tiny person is:

 Full disclosure:Commenter #6 was Marian and I know her! We met on a wedding planning message board one hundred million years ago. Amazing as we are both 28. (oh wait, I turned 30 this year. Whoops!) Anyway, I love Marian and her baby boy Sean, whom we affectionately call Super Baby. Sean had a rough go in the beginning but every day he gets stronger and may I say, unbearably cuter. Marian is one hell of a Momma too. So I can assure you…the pictures? will be epic. Congrats Marian!



Stepping out Saturday, take 2.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are in Ohio with the fam and The Boss could not be happier.  His slightly older cousins might breathe a sigh of relief when we leave though. I believe he is tiring them out! Huck has charmed the pants off of everyone in a ten mile radius and we are all having a grand time! The only downside is that my Striiv is missing! I tried to call the cops and put out an APB but they mocked me. The nerve! Oh! And we got our very first negative comment about Huckleberry’s name. An actual “tsk tsk. Unfortunate”

I thought it was hilarious but it pissed TOTT right off!

We had brunch at Frisch’s Big Boy which reminds me of home (Beautiful Downtown Burbank) where we have our own Big Boy. You know that fat cat photobombed my SOS pictures. For real.


Oh yes, I am SO varied. A long sweater and pants tucked into favorite boots.

On me: Sweater- Old Navy, long tank H&M, jeggings American Eagle (shout out to my cousin Jamie for telling me these were the most comfy and well priced), boots Target, earrings Target, Necklace JCrew.

On The Boss: Shirt and Cargos Childrens Place, Boots Old Navy, Hat from his cousin Alec. He slept in it last night. True story.

Have you entered the Huggies Giveaway yet? Because you can torture your tiny people with pictures like this:

 Linking to SOS at The Haps.

Huggies Santa Diapers giveaway! Free Huggies diapers!

Today I bring to you some ridiculous cuteness. The pants of Santa. That’s right. Santa Pants. And who you may ask is wearing Santa’s pants? Why it’s Huckleberry!

We have loved Huggies since we worked with them on the jeans diaper campaign last year and again when they donated diapers to the widow of a fallen officer here in town. They are always gracious and charitable. Recentlty the UPS guy rang the bell and delivered an adorable box filled with Santa Diapers and wipes for the Huckleberry. When Huggies asks me to try something I do. If Huggies asks me if I would like to share something with my readers like say FREE SANTA PANTS (my name for them btw Huggies prefers to call them Little Movers Santa Diapers), I do. Because not only do they make a great product that I need- diapers- but they really are a company that gives back. Many of my DCmoms have been involved in the Every Little Bottom campaign, when you buy a pack of Huggies they donate a pack to help diaper a baby in need. The Santa diapers and wipes count towards that too, plus just think of the photo ops!
Really here’s what this post is about


Huckie wore these yesterday at Thanksgiving dinnder and my hand to Santa everyone just squealed with cuteness whenever they saw them. They really are ridiculously cute! Why should cloth diapering mommies have all the fun? I am flat out going to buy more of these when we burn through the jumbo pack that Huggies sent us. They are so cute!


Ya want some don’t ya? Cool. Just leave me a comment, telling me the size you need (3,4, or 5) and promise to send me a picture of your bambino wearing said Santa pants. That’s it. {don’t require you follow my blog or twitter. Lovely if you came here for the giveaway and you like what you see and want to stick around, I’d love to have you! But it’s not part of the deal. The deal is a great diapers and wipes and adorable photos of babies in Santa pants.} Bonus entry if you tweet or facebook about this giveaway and leave a separate comment for each with the URL of tweet or facebook! Because really, Santa Pants are awesome.


This giveaway will end Monday at midnight so that Santa’s Pants can show up on your door quickly!


*I promise that this won’t become a total giveaway blog but it’s the season of giving some really cute stuff has been coming my way…so I’ll share it with you. I might be an only child but I am not selfish!
*Huggies sent me these diapers for free, but hello? Free diapers? And Huggies at that! It’s not like they are an unknown product! yes, thank you I will take them and I will indeed share with my peeps.

I am thankful for…

You. My friends, both in real life and those of you who hang out and watch Pan Am with me through the old computer. You guys rock. I am thankful for my amazing husband, even if he does smell like Ben Gay these days. I hope your shoulder heals quickly honey and no worries…I did my research and Ben Gay is not a resonable reason for divorce. For my family, my in-laws who put up with me decorating and for my mother in law who brings home more toys than any child should ever have. For my mom…the best. For my nearest and dearest: Janice, Jennifer and Heather. What would I do without you? For my DCMoms; who made this strange new place a home for me. I can’t thank you enough.

And of course I am more than grateful for my beautiful boys.

Huckleberry who is finally feeling better and we are getting lots of smiles!

I asked The Boss what he was grateful for and he said “Coooooooooooookies”
Thanksgiving Max

But really, aren’t we all grateful for cookies?
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The end is nigh Striiv week 4

Suddenly last night I panicked…what if they wanted me to send the Striiv back? You see I still haven’t unlocked the G******** Lowlands much less even begun to think about tackling the highlands and I really need to figure that shizz out because My Land is getting muoy crowded and I need more real estate!

I know, it’s not about a game. It’s about fitness and charity. This week I got to donate another day of water and by the time this posts yet another one will be on it’s way! YAY!

I went to a blogging event with TechSavvyMama who also has a Striiv and we chatted about how obsessed we are with it. All the ladies,some of my very favorites in the land,wanted to see it and play with it. I even poked the Lemur so they could see the Lemur Dance Party.

This week I logged 32,084. Not too shabby!! however I forgot to take a picture! Although I am sure you can all just picture me and my Striiv outside the GAP since I went to the mall like, three times this week. No fabulous DC pictures but I did get some awesome boots! And as I write this I am in my pj’s….oh stop begging! I’m not going to take a picture.

Instead I share some Huck toes.

you’re welcome.

Now I know I am not reviewing the striiv, but I give it a solid A. And an O for obsession because I lurve it.My only problem is that it doesn’t stay in it’s little belt clip all that well and once it GASP fell to the pavement and chipped. Sob. But it still works perfectly and my OCD on knowing my steps continues unchecked. Happily.


I received the Striiv device through Just Be Enough to participate in the challenge. Want one? Yes, YOU DO! So participate in the twitter party on 11/29 for some coolio prizes including a Striiv! Not mine though, you can’t have it.

There’s a Saint for that.

There is a Saint for everything.

So which one do I pray to to STOP THE INSANE POSTPARTUM HAIR LOSS??

Every time I brush my hair it looks like someone shaved a yeti. Just hair…everywhere. I’ve had to chop a total of 9 inches off of it because it’s so straggly and thus I will now be ordering a fake hair piece because duuuuuuuude.

So, who is the patron Saint of Hair extensions? Of Hair Loss? Because I need to light some candles or I will surely resemble George Costanza (sans back hair thank you) by Christmas.


True Story.

ETA~ There is indeed a patron Saint of Hair Loss in Women, of course! St. Agnes of Rome. Her noggin is in a Church in Pizza Navona in Rome. I lit a candle asking for a baby in that very church! That baby is now lovingly known as The Boss. Now I know what to sell in my imaginary etsy shop! St. Agnes cards and candle.

leggings are the new yoga pants.

Proof I actually wear real clothes. Sometimes.

Saturday was The Boss’s very first Soccer Class and it was a carnival of cuteness. Highlight of my day was the consistent way Boss would pick up the ball with his little hands walk it right up to the goal and then kick it in and then throw his arms up in the air and say YAY!



Today we headed off to the Sugarloaf Craft fair which was not my scene but we did score some crazy delicious chocolate covered pretzels. In fact I think I need one right now.

On The Boss: white shirt-GAP, Yellow amplifier shirt-silk screened in Raleigh,Cargos-Children’s Place, Adiddas-Filene’s yo.
On me: Crochet ear warmer- Eastern Market, Sweater-Old Navy, long tank- H&M, leggings & boots-Target,giant sunglasses meant to hide ferocious dark circles due to attempting to have kids sleep together in the same room- GAP.

Linking up to SOS at The Haps.

just be enough striiv challenge week three

Last week I got STOMPED in the challenge. My steps were paltry compared to my fellow challengers so this week I was determined to put on a better showing.

39,248! Aw yeah! That’s better than 22,000. Especially since we were pretty much stuck in the house for a few days with my poor Huckleberry. Just when I thought I was going stir crazy I remembered that Striiv can give you challenges and so while Boss was playing and Huck was resting I set myself up with some challenges! I did stairs until I had more than enough coins and energy lightening bolts to not only get my dang Lemur Mansion but also a Maidens Tower on my magic island! (Hint: if you poke the lemurs they dance. So go on people, poke your lemurs.)

Sunday we got to leave the house and headed out to Eastern Market in DC and then down to Alexandria where I decided TOTT had to buy me a house there. It’s like a flipping movie set. And the cute stores…oh the stores! I walked all over creation for a one day total of 9,882 steps! Pretty good for a lazy cat like me.

The best part was my father in law catching a glimpse of my Striiv and saying “what is THAT! I want one”  Of course the holidays are coming up, so you never know…

More importantly than anything I got to donate two, count em TWO days of clean water. YAY! I love that just by walking around I can actually help a child. Next week I am going for clean water plus a polio vaccination.

This week Striiv actually gave me something that was unintentional. It kept me a bit sane while dealing with all the craziness of a very sick baby.

And if you’ll excuse me it’s time to go collect my coins and then turn them in for a bonus. I’m going to unlock those Lowlands if it KILLS me!

I need your advice and some catch up.

If you’re looking for one of my silly oh my gawd i am such a dork at motherhood posts today, I hate to disappoint you but I need your advice.

But first to catch up…I’ve been MIA because my tiny Huckleberry caught the plague and was sick. Really sick. We spent the day at the pediatricians and the night in the pediatric ER. Not scary at all. I learned words like retraction and respiratory distress. It was not fun at all because I myself, had some wicked childhood asthma and spent the better part of my early years in and out of the hospital. I don’t want this for my Huckie. I was shocked at how the smell of the plastic neb mask and the albuterol hasn’t changed after all the years and how it brought me back to being forced to wear the same mask I was now forcing Huck to wear. And so we are now the proud owners of our very own pediatric nebulizer. Yay. The crowd goes wild. Of course The Boss thinks it is awesome because it’s yellow, his favorite color, makes a loud noise and we have put him to work as the official button pusher to turn it on and off. Good times for Boss, not so much for Huckleberry.

After one terrifying 4 am OH MY GOD THE BABY CAN’T BREATHE attack I believe we now have our middle of night breathing treatment routine down. I’m not gonna lie, I was not cool while it was happening. I believe I may have screamed out “Take ME instead Jesus!”  as  poor Huckleberry choked and sputtered. But it’s okay now and he is on the mend. He even slept three whole hours in a row last night! hoo-ray.

I wrote this (last week…I’m so behind) over at Just Be Enough about The Boss’s problems adjusting to preschool. I’m really proud of it and I hope you’ll take the time to read it. And this leads right into what I need to pick your brilliant brains about.

The Boss, well he is a lover. And apparently he is such a lvoer that he is making the other kids uncomfortable with all the touching. No innapropriate touching, thankyouverymuch, he just wants to hold everyone’s hand and give them hugs and high fives to celebrate things.He is a tactile kid, he sees the world by observing adn then touching. He needs to hold things and feel them. How to nurture his sweet personality (even his teacher, who I adore, says he is the sweetest thing, it’s not bad touching or angry it’s all love) and his desire to congratulate, share and be close with his friends without…you know, being close with his friends.

Am I overreacting? Being oversensitive? His teacher says this is normal, but getting called into the teacher’s office for a chat is even less fun as a parent than it was kid. He is such a sweet natured kid, 3 year old tantrums not withstanding, I don’t want to squash that…but I also don’t want him to be the kid the other kids avoid unless they want to get hugged on. Know what I mean? Any advice?


And last, but not least, I am desperate for a Modern Bird piece but it’s not in the budget so I have entered a picture of Boss in his Busy Bee coat in their Holiday Contest! A Facebook like counts as a vote, will you please please take a second to vote for him *cough* me.

Getting in shape is tough, yo.

Week two of the Striiv challenge and I have several groundbreaking discoveries.

The first of which is that my black yoga pants have a hole in a very unfortunate location. This discovery was not made at an opportune moment. Mumsy would be so proud. (no,no she wouldn’t)

{look Ma, I burned off a large Fries!}

Okay, Holy Yoga Pants not withstanding, I did learn some stuff and junk:

First: Although the Striiv comes with a cool little attachment to keep it on your key chain, this is not an option for me. I have a three year old boy who loves to steal my keys and hide them. This then forces me to run about the house looking for them racing up and down stairs all the while raging that NONE OF THESE STEPS ARE BEING COUNTED BY THE MISSING STRIIV!

Second: If you use the belt clip attachment and are neurotic about checking how many steps you’ve taken people will think you are wearing a beeper. This means they perhaps will think you are either a drug dealer or a doctor. As I prefer being a doctor to being a dealer I spent all day pretending I was Dr. Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy. This worked for me. Plus? Dr. Owen Hunt. Yum.

Third: if you baby wear, attaching the Striiv to your baby solves both previous conundrums.

Fourth: Striiv really needs a feature where you can input that you are pushing a giant double stroller up and down the crazy hills of Georgetown for hours. I’m not requesting extra credit for the steps, but surely you can hook a gal up with extra lightening bolt energy bars so I can build that dang Lemur Mansion and unlock the lowlands on my magic island!

Fifth: Sometimes you may forget to pick up your Striiv until 11 am. There is a way to make up the steps that you took but weren’t counted due to your own absentmindedness.

It’s cheating but here it is:


**No, I didn’t count those in my weekly steps. But it did help tire him out for naptime.**

My total steps this week were 22,899! Not too shabby since I completely left it at home on Monday while we spent the day with Huck at doctor and ER.

Striiv didn’t cross my mind once. I’m pretty sure the folks at Striiv are A-okay with that.