an open letter to Mama Llama

Oh Mama Llama. We have all been there, sister friend. We have. It’s one of those bedtimes that never ends. “I need a snack. I have to potty. One more story! Can I have a drink of water?” And after the 200th request you’re like go the eff to sleep, am I right?

Let me just say it’s not that I think you don’t love Little Llama. I do! I mean you say it flat out:

Little Llama don’t you know, Mama Llama loves you so.

It’s just that…well. You look really pissed when you bust into to the bedroom. Maybe you have some sort of syndrome where your outward physical appearance doesn’t match what’s happening on the inside? If so, forgive me. All I know is that I am an adult and if my mama gave me that face I’d be afraid. I’d be very afraid.

Maybe after you drop the phone, race up the stairs, and run down the hall, take a second before you head into the kid’s room to just breathe and rearrange the face into something a bit kinder looking It’s one of those age old struggle’s of motherhood, don’t let the kiddo know we sometimes can’t wait for them to pass out so we can check out Pan Am on the old DVR and raid their Halloween candy.

I say this all with love, but I fear that if you don’t soften that face Little Llama is going grow up to be one of those Llama husbands who just watches football in his boxer shorts while drinking beer and screaming at his own kids. And really, you don’t want that now do you?

And hey if you need some one to get those frustrations out to just hop on the twitterz. We’re there for you Mama.

Love, Me.

23 thoughts on “an open letter to Mama Llama

  1. Very funny and I never noticed Mama Llama face sometimes. Need to keep better attention to her facial expressions. They are alot like mine when my lovely daughters bug me after I put them to bed, again.

  2. On behalf of Baby Llama — Maybe Mama Llama needs to hang up the phone. Call your BFF back after Baby Llama’s sleeping. Perhaps take a sip of Rhino Wino before heading up to cuddle with him. ❤ 🙂

  3. OHHHH sing it Momma! I was just having this discussion exactly with my husband as we are working on feelings and showing our feeling faces with the foster children. I was reading this and the kids were like “WHOA angry face!”

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    • I actually like them too, but that face! I don’t like how she introduces words like “hate” in her books too, but I don’t think my kid would have ever gone to preschool at all if it weren’t for Llama Llama Misses Mama!

  5. I am DYING laughing out loud over here! We just got Llama Llama Holiday Drama (our first Llama book!) and we are obsessed. Me, my husband and Trey! We love that little Llama. “Here little Llama have a snuggle with your mama” I say like 1,348 times a day. I even told my mom and the MIL that we NEED the rest of the Llama books and a doll. (No! Not for me!! For Trey!!! Ok, maybe for me a little….)

    So imagine my face when I saw the picture of Mama Llama up there – she looks like she should be on the cover of Go the F to Sleep! Bahahaha! Great post!!!! 🙂

    p.s. Should I maybe send Mama Llama some wine? No?

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