a blog post by Huckleberry.

My mom brought home a wicked weird thing and made me sit in it. I’m five months old now (TODAY thank you very much) so mom is all on this kick that I like, exercise and play and stuff.

At first I was like WHOA.


Then I was like huh…

picnikfile_1FzSQEThen I spit up.

So I got a new outfit, some kisses and a song sung to me.

Then I was like I’m more comfortable here:
Huck in a box
I know when she takes out that little rectangle thing to be real cute. She gets all squeally and then she picks me up and snuggles me.

I’ve got a pretty good gig going over here. If I have to hang out in some excersaucer once in a blue moon, so be it. You guys could learn something from my braveness. Try something new. Maybe you’d like a go in my saucer?It’s pretty bad ass.

10 thoughts on “a blog post by Huckleberry.

  1. It’s almost 2 o’clock in the morning, and I am awake for 2 reasons: 1, the kid is not feeling so hot and has been up and down all night. And 2, I decided that tonight would be a good night to read through your old posts and get caught up on what I’ve been missing. And I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. I want to keep reading and keep reading, and then I want to tweet you so that we can be the best of friends and braid each others hair over the internet. Or something less creepy.

    And your boys? GAH. The cuteness is strong with them.

    (Seriously though, I am a first time mom, and just knowing that there are people out there, like me, like YOU, well, it makes it a little less lonely sometimes. THANK YOU.)

    • OMG! Totally tweet me and we will internet braid each others hair! I hope the kiddo is feeling better, nights like that just suck. Thank you so much for the sweet comment. You totally made my day!

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