I need your advice and some catch up.

If you’re looking for one of my silly oh my gawd i am such a dork at motherhood posts today, I hate to disappoint you but I need your advice.

But first to catch up…I’ve been MIA because my tiny Huckleberry caught the plague and was sick. Really sick. We spent the day at the pediatricians and the night in the pediatric ER. Not scary at all. I learned words like retraction and respiratory distress. It was not fun at all because I myself, had some wicked childhood asthma and spent the better part of my early years in and out of the hospital. I don’t want this for my Huckie. I was shocked at how the smell of the plastic neb mask and the albuterol hasn’t changed after all the years and how it brought me back to being forced to wear the same mask I was now forcing Huck to wear. And so we are now the proud owners of our very own pediatric nebulizer. Yay. The crowd goes wild. Of course The Boss thinks it is awesome because it’s yellow, his favorite color, makes a loud noise and we have put him to work as the official button pusher to turn it on and off. Good times for Boss, not so much for Huckleberry.

After one terrifying 4 am OH MY GOD THE BABY CAN’T BREATHE attack I believe we now have our middle of night breathing treatment routine down. I’m not gonna lie, I was not cool while it was happening. I believe I may have screamed out “Take ME instead Jesus!”  as  poor Huckleberry choked and sputtered. But it’s okay now and he is on the mend. He even slept three whole hours in a row last night! hoo-ray.

I wrote this (last week…I’m so behind) over at Just Be Enough about The Boss’s problems adjusting to preschool. I’m really proud of it and I hope you’ll take the time to read it. And this leads right into what I need to pick your brilliant brains about.

The Boss, well he is a lover. And apparently he is such a lvoer that he is making the other kids uncomfortable with all the touching. No innapropriate touching, thankyouverymuch, he just wants to hold everyone’s hand and give them hugs and high fives to celebrate things.He is a tactile kid, he sees the world by observing adn then touching. He needs to hold things and feel them. How to nurture his sweet personality (even his teacher, who I adore, says he is the sweetest thing, it’s not bad touching or angry it’s all love) and his desire to congratulate, share and be close with his friends without…you know, being close with his friends.

Am I overreacting? Being oversensitive? His teacher says this is normal, but getting called into the teacher’s office for a chat is even less fun as a parent than it was kid. He is such a sweet natured kid, 3 year old tantrums not withstanding, I don’t want to squash that…but I also don’t want him to be the kid the other kids avoid unless they want to get hugged on. Know what I mean? Any advice?


And last, but not least, I am desperate for a Modern Bird piece but it’s not in the budget so I have entered a picture of Boss in his Busy Bee coat in their Holiday Contest! A Facebook like counts as a vote, will you please please take a second to vote for him *cough* me.

8 thoughts on “I need your advice and some catch up.

  1. So sorry, we’ve done the nebulizer thingy. And you are right … there is nothing scarier than watching your baby not be able to breath. Ugh. Glad he’s on the mend.

    We also have a toucher. My third is a hand holding/hugging/snuggler. It’s her Love Language and it’s a part of who she is. We just talk about asking if you can hold someone’s hand or hug. That seems to free up the hugee to say “no thanks” and the hugger doesn’t get his (or in our case, her) touchy feelings hurt. Hope that helps!

    • That does help, I’ll try talking about that with him tonight at bed time. I want to nurture how loving and sweet he is, but at the same time he can’t be hanging all over people! Sigh. What a problem to have, right? Our kids are just too sweet!

  2. Poor lil’ huck, everytime you post these pics on instagram it makes my heart sad 😦 Glad he is on the upswing!

    I think your Boss is just precious, and me, being childless, obviously has no great advice on the touching thing, but I loved your post on Just Be Enough!

  3. Kids change so much at 3, I wouldn’t put to much into any particular behavior at this age, especially if the teacher is saying it is in the normal range. It is likely to change in a day, week, a year. Besides the world could use more sensitive loving people in it.

  4. Oh poor Huck! I know all about nebulizers, as I’ve had asthma for most of my life (nearly 30 years). So glad to hear he’s on the mend, poor little guy.

    With the touching issue, I have no advice. I just want to say, the Boss can hold me hand and hug me anytime.

  5. So sad about the neb.- my baby spent 3 days in the hospital getting breathing treatments for croup. I had no idea croup could be that serious. NO IDEA!

    I bet the Boss is going to be one affectionate husband someday. Navigating the big world of socially appropriate behavior is so hard- after all, he just wants to spread the love! All the love his wonderful Mama and family have given him. I think it’s a sign you are doing something right.

  6. I hope your little Huckleberry is feeling much better…we’ve had our own bout with the plague around here.
    The Boss sounds like an absolute joy to have around…I wish I had some kids who are that loving and considerate for my kids to play with. I see so many kids just being downright mean to each other. Not to mention…he’s gotta be cool if he loves the Beatles at such an early age 🙂

  7. Oh poor Huck!!!! That is so hard.. but I am soo glad he is on the mend…

    and Max.. was a love-bug… I ADORED your post on Be Enough.. you are such a talented writer and capture so much of this obstacle course that is motherhood…

    I think asking is key.. Alex is very much a toucher…. and because he towers over kids in his class.. he often places a hand on their head or shoulder and such.. We have installed the asking.. and I remind him to have “safe and gentle hands”… and will sometimes talk to him about how some kids don’t like to be touched or hugged or hold hands unless they are asked… It is a constant dialog that sometimes happens daily, weekly, etc.. and he sometimes gets it and sometimes doesn’t.. but along with being a lover.. he also is usually double the other kids in height and weight… So we try to help him remember that as well.

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