just be enough striiv challenge week three

Last week I got STOMPED in the challenge. My steps were paltry compared to my fellow challengers so this week I was determined to put on a better showing.

39,248! Aw yeah! That’s better than 22,000. Especially since we were pretty much stuck in the house for a few days with my poor Huckleberry. Just when I thought I was going stir crazy I remembered that Striiv can give you challenges and so while Boss was playing and Huck was resting I set myself up with some challenges! I did stairs until I had more than enough coins and energy lightening bolts to not only get my dang Lemur Mansion but also a Maidens Tower on my magic island! (Hint: if you poke the lemurs they dance. So go on people, poke your lemurs.)

Sunday we got to leave the house and headed out to Eastern Market in DC and then down to Alexandria where I decided TOTT had to buy me a house there. It’s like a flipping movie set. And the cute stores…oh the stores! I walked all over creation for a one day total of 9,882 steps! Pretty good for a lazy cat like me.

The best part was my father in law catching a glimpse of my Striiv and saying “what is THAT! I want one”  Of course the holidays are coming up, so you never know…

More importantly than anything I got to donate two, count em TWO days of clean water. YAY! I love that just by walking around I can actually help a child. Next week I am going for clean water plus a polio vaccination.

This week Striiv actually gave me something that was unintentional. It kept me a bit sane while dealing with all the craziness of a very sick baby.

And if you’ll excuse me it’s time to go collect my coins and then turn them in for a bonus. I’m going to unlock those Lowlands if it KILLS me!

6 thoughts on “just be enough striiv challenge week three

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  2. That’s so awesome! I’m close to a water and I’ve got lots of stuff growing, but I’m going to have to move my butt some more if I want to keep building. (So cool about the lemurs, though – I’ll have to poke mine!)

    I haven’t tried a challenge yet but I totally want to do that. Maybe tomorrow.

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